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Colleen Olphert

Director, Membership and Member Services

Colleen leads the strategy and operations related to the recruitment and retention of member companies. Since joining the center in 2001 Colleen has had thousands of conversations with business professionals on the challenges and opportunities corporate citizenship presents to them. In her current role she uses her knowledge and experience to provide direction on content connected to member services. Prior to joining the Center, Colleen worked in the non-profit sector. She received her MBA and MSW from Boston College.

Recent Posts by Author

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The many benefits of membership to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Member Orientation webinar will help connect you to the services that are available as part of your membership.

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Employee Leave Policies : eBay Raises the Bar

The employee leave policy represents a huge shift in responding to the needs of employees and an increased awareness of the value such policies can bring to the business and the economy as a whole.

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The Role of Reporting in Achieving a Sustainable Economy

A group of top business and sustainability leaders discuss reporting practices that will assure progress toward game-changing sustainability targets.

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Banfield Pet Hospital: Creating a Better World for Pets

Corporate Social Responsibility community involvement efforts don’t benefit only the neighborhoods they touch, they offer benefits to the business as well.

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Employee volunteering and engagement in action with Insperity

Successful elements of CSR employee volunteer programs.

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Salesforce: Engaging Employees in the Aloha Culture

Employee engagement is key to company performance, leading to positive effects such as higher productivity, improved work quality, and decreased job turnover.

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ArcelorMittal invests in building a cleaner future

ArcelorMittal has recognized the need for technology that will minimize the effect steel production has on the environment.

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Case Study: Aligning workplace giving, corporate philanthropy, and volunteering at KPMG

To address social issues through business community involvement efforts, many companies develop corporate giving programs to achieve the greatest possible business and social value. Workplace giving efforts are an important corporate social responsibility component of these efforts. As a case study, KPMG LLP,developed strategic community relationships to build an education continuum that impacts a student’s education from early childhood through adult learning.

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Farmers Insurance helps launch a Disaster Recovery Playbook

Farmers Insurance helps launch a Disaster Recovery Playbook To share their expertise in disaster recovery with communities impacted by disasters.

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How does community involvement benefit the business?

Community involvement contributes to key business goals, including improved reputation and the attraction and retention of employees.

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Applied Materials’ Education Initiative aims to increase graduation rates and student success

Our 2015 Community Involvement Survey illustrates that many companies are addressing relevant social issues, with a prominent focus on K-12 education.

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Creating value by investing in community involvement

Companies’ today report that community involvement contributes to key business goals, including improved reputation and the retention of employees.

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Driving Engagement and Business Performance: The Role of Employee Volunteering Programs

By thoughtfully developing employee volunteer programs, corporate citizenship practitioners can benefit society and their business.

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Integrating corporate citizenship across the value chain

The best way to integrate corporate citizenship and ensure it adds the greatest possible value is by understanding its value chain.

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Breaking into the world of corporate citizenship ratings and rankings

The CSR practice has many standards, frameworks, and guidance documents available to aid companies in determining, disclosing, and reporting their environmental, social, and governance issues.

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MassMutual challenges students to plan for the future

MassMutual's core function of financial planning helps their guide corporate citizenship strategy, in the form of the FutureSmart Challenge.

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Corporate Citizenship in Action: Ready to LAUNCH with Nike

By aligning corporate citizenship and business priorities, Nike allows itself to better utilize its LAUNCH program in tackling sustainability issues.

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How to build an effective CSR strategy: Insight from Center members

When building your CSR strategy, keeping business goals and stakeholders interests in mind can be crucial for developing a plan that thrives.

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Informing change: How Nielsen Uses Data for Social Good

Nielsen's use of data analysis to boost the effectiveness of ESG programs is highlighted in this spotlight of Corporate Citizenship practitioners.

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3 ways to cut carbon: creative lessons in corporate citizenship

See how Center Members are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as part of the Corporate Citizenship programs.

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