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ESG & Corporate Citizenship Resource Library

Members of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship have exclusive access to thousands of resources on community involvement, environmental sustainability and more—from full-length reports to research briefs to webinars and video. Our resources integrate the perspectives and experience of some of the leading corporate citizenship professionals in the field today with empirical research and management best practices to help you align your CSR objectives and business goals.
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corporate citizenship 101

Corporate Citizenship Corporate citizenship is how a company exercises its rights, obligations, privileges, and overall corporate responsibility within our local and global environments.


Value of Corporate Citizenship Research reveals that strong corporate social and environmental performance is no longer simply a "nice to have" element of a company's overall strategy.


Employee Engagement Engaging employees is a best practice that results in keeping workplace productivity high and turnover rates low.


Impact Measurement By understanding how much social and business value you create and the means by which you create it, you can demonstrate the value of corporate citizenship efforts.


Community Involvement Community involvement includes in-kind and financial donations, employee volunteer days, or enduring partnerships that can bring positive change to both your company and communities.


Environmental Sustainability Environmental sustainability is increasing attention to global environmental concerns, providing the incentive for business to assess their impacts.


Sustainability Reporting Sustainability reporting is the disclosure and communication of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals—as well as a company’s progress towards them.


Supply Chain Management Sustainable supply chain management is an opportunity for companies to address inefficiencies and risks as well as responsibly manage the quality of goods and services within their supply chain.


Responsible Corporate Leadership Responsible corporate leadership is an imperative for companies hoping to maximize both business and social returns from CSR initiatives—and it requires involvement from individuals at all levels.


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