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Courses in Corporate Citizenship

Advanced Corporate Citizenship Measurement

Learn to justify initiatives by measuring both business and community returns on corporate citizenship program investments.

Brand and Reputation: Build Trust with Stakeholders

Learn how corporate citizenship and CSR contributes to reputation and brand equity.

CDP Reporting: Measure and Manage Environmental Impact

Learn the CDP reporting framework, a tool for measuring environmental impact and tackling climate change.

Corporate Citizenship 101: Environmental, Social, and Governance Fundamentals

This course introduces you to leading practices for aligning, developing, and implementing corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Citizenship Communications

Learn how to align your company's corporate citizenship communications with your business brand and marketing messages.

Corporate Citizenship Partnership Management

Learn to create and strengthen nonprofit and business partnerships that achieve together CSR goals that neither partner could accomplish alone.

Corporate Citizenship Strategy

Strategic planning is one of the most difficult but critical activities a citizenship professional can do to understand potential value and the steps he/she must take to reach it.

Corporate Giving: Maximizing Effectiveness

Corporate giving is expected by customers, employees, and the communities. Learn to create a corporate giving strategy to deliver business and social value to your business and your community.

Deepen Employee Engagement with Corporate Citizenship

In this course, learn how to engage employees in corporate citizenship to improve reputation, increase employee retention, and lower the cost of recruiting.

Environmental Sustainability 101

Environmental sustainability is a critical component of corporate citizenship strategy and an increasingly important business priority. This course provides an overview of concepts, tools, and resources that can get you started.

Fundamentals of Employee Volunteer Programs

In this course, learn to maximize your employee corporate volunteer program through developing business skills and reinforcing company values.

Fundamentals of Sustainability Reporting

Learn about different sustainability reporting frameworks and indices to make a well-informed, strategic decision about which to use.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for Reporting: Certified Sustainability Reporting Training

Learn to create your first sustainability report in this Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified reporting training course focused on social, environmental, economic, and governance dimensions of business.

Integrated Reporting: Connecting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Metrics to Overall Performance

As a certified Training Foundation Partner, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship offers you the opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the Integrated Reporting and the International Framework.

Integrating Corporate Citizenship Through Your Supply Chain

In this course, tap into the hidden opportunity in your supply chain and learn to manage supply chain partners.

Leadership Academy: Corporate Citizenship Leadership

Whether you are working to align your company’s citizenship efforts with its corporate strategy, improve internal or external communication, increase employee engagement, or improve your personal leadership skills, the Leadership Academy will prepare you to lead your teams and colleagues to a new level.

Management Intensive: Essential Business Tools for Corporate Citizenship Managers

Earn a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management that's integrated into your company's strategy and grounded in business management principles.

Materiality: Determining Priorities for Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting

In this course, learn how a corporate citizenship materiality assessment will convey the areas of greatest significance to both your business and society.

Measurement and Evaluation

In this course, learn to measure corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility to better demonstrate impact in your business and community.

Nonprofit Board Service: Getting Your Team Ready to Serve

Learn to support nonprofit board service as part of your overall philanthropy or business leadership development programs.

Stakeholder Management: Identify, Prioritize, and Act

Corporate citizenship professionals interact with many stakeholders—community leaders, nonprofit partners, employees, and more. In this course, learn to identify these groups and to prioritize their issues.

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