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Corporate Giving: Maximizing Effectiveness

Corporate giving is expected by customers, employees, and the communities in which companies operate globally. Is your corporate giving strategy delivering all of the business and social value it could? Join this course and learn how to assess where your philanthropic investments can have the most positive impact—both in the company and in the community. You'll also learn how to:
  • Design your company’s giving strategy to align with company business priorities.
  • Address common corporate giving challenges (e.g.  regulations, compliance, and international giving.)
  • Determine the right portfolio mix for your company.
  • Align your employee giving and volunteer programs with your overall giving.
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends, including collective impact, cause-marketing, and crowd-sourcing.
  • Select and evaluate partners who will accelerate achievement of your impact goals.
  • Measure the outcomes and impacts of your philanthropic investments.

Look: There's More than One Way to Take This Course!

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Look! There's More than One Way to Take This Course...

Take It At the 2024 Fall Summit A significant portion of this course will be offered at the 2024 Fall Summit. You can complete the remaining portion at home, at your own pace. Come to the Summit for 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 days!


Take It Online, Starting Today (Or Whenever You're Ready)! This course is available in a fully-online, self-paced format. You can complete it at your desk, according to your schedule

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Course Content: Preview the Specific Units or Modules Included in This Course



Start and finish on your schedule: Courses take 15-17 hours, including video content and exercises.

Module 1: Corporate Citizenship and Giving Context

  • Gain knowledge in the long history of corporate giving and how it has been closely tied with current events and sentiments of the time
  • Activity: reflect on your company’s role

Module 2: Trends in Corporate Giving

  • Dive into trends in the corporate giving space, from connecting to the business to propelling social change
  • Activity: reflect on your own role within your company

Module 3: Value Creation & Corporate Giving Strategy

  • Review principles of strategy to provide a framework for a corporate giving strategy
  • Follow the value creation pathways to deepen understanding and inform decision-making
  • Activity: develop your giving strategy and business strategy

Module 4: Achieving Impact, Logic Model, and Theory of Action

  • Introduce the Logic Model tool that will aid planning programs and measurement of success
  • Activity: complete a Logic Model for a case study example

Module 5: Giving Methods

  • Discover the many ways a company can give through review of real-life company examples
  • Activity: identify corporate giving benchmarks

Module 6: Managing Corporate Giving Programs

  • Recognize the skills needed to manage a corporate giving portfolio, including budgeting, negotiation, and relationship management
  • Activity: embark on a scavenger hunt

Module 7: Partnership & Collective Impact

  • Maximize reach and value through the exploration of partnerships and collective impact
  • Unearth partnership principles that will ensure that both parties are benefitting from a strategic partnership
  • Activity: build a map to aid in assessment of partnerships

Module 8: Giving Portfolio

  • Build a giving portfolio to understand and review the complete scope of giving efforts
  • Activity: map your giving portfolio

Module 9: Communicating Impact

  • Provides methods and resources for communicating to various audiences regarding corporate giving
  • Activity: reflection on effective communication


This course is recommended for:

Professionals with direct corporate giving and/or foundation responsibilities. This course is also helpful for individuals who have direct contact with key company stakeholders and/or who work closely with their company’s corporate giving function (e.g. public and government affairs, sustainability, corporate responsibility, public relations, marketing and communications).

Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Completion of the Center course Corporate Citizenship 101 or a broad knowledge of Corporate Citizenship.

Professional credentials earned:

5 certificate units toward a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. This an elective course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice.



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» Non-Member: $2900.00

Please note that course discounts may be available when you enroll in multiple courses at once, either idependently or as part of a Summit (in-person learning experience) registration. See the chart below. If you are considering take multiple courses, connect with our team to better understand your options.


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