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Research Reports

At the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, we combine the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution to provide you with the insights to advance your important work. Our reports integrate the perspectives and experience of some of the leading corporate citizenship professionals in the field today with empirical research and management best practices to help you align your CSR objectives and business goals.

Read the Center's Primary Research Reports

Profile of the Professionals This report examines the roles, responsibilities, development, and compensation of corporate citizenship professionals.

State of Corporate Citizenship The State of Corporate Citizenship is a research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that examines how executives view corporate citizenship and their firms' performance in the environmental, social, and governance dimensions of business.

Community Involvement Study Conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this research project explores how companies are investing in corporate foundation giving and employee volunteering and how these community involvement efforts connect to overall business success.

Browse Topic-Based Reports

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report, 2021 Corporate citizenship professionals have an essential part to play in elevating discussions of diversity, equity and inclusion, building inclusive programs, and engaging stakeholders to understand how equity can be achieved.

Military Families and Veterans Advisory Board Report A resource for companies interested in best practices to support military-affiliated employees and their families. It shares key takeaways lessons learned and case studies from Roundtable conversations on hiring and retaining military-affiliated talent and leveraging current corporate citizenship strategies to support the military community.

Sustainable Business Planning Guide Updated research on tactics, tools, and best practices for integrating environmental sustainability throughout your operations, from strategy development, to reporting, to event planning.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD): A Beginner's Guide TCFD aims not to create a new disclosure scheme, but to identify gaps in existing disclosure schemes and work with leaders in the financial sector to forge a shared understanding about the kinds of risk a changing climate might pose for business.

Employee Mental Health Wellness Study 2020 FULL RESEARCH NOW AVAILABLE - This report offers research, real-life stories, and strategies to address the mental health crisis inside companies and communities.

Travelers EDGE® | Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment: A Case Study This corporate citizenship case study, composed by Travelers, illustrates how a disciplined approach to change management can yield incredible results, particularly for ESG initiatives.

Use These CSR/ESG Vendor Comparison Guides

Community Involvement Technology Vendor Report UPDATED FOR 2022 - Trying to find the ideal technology solution for employee giving, volunteering, and grant making programs? Use this report to compare 16 different options, with comparative data from the vendors themselves.

Sustainability Technology Vendor Report A report that compares responses from sustainability technology vendors to help you select the ideal solution for collecting accurate environmental data, launching or monitoring progress, and develop reports using guidelines and frameworks like GRI, CDP, and more

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