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Who Should Attend the 2024 International Corporate Citizenship Conference?

So Far, These Companies Have Requested a Registration Alert in Advance of the #BCConf24 Launch

Fedex, McDonald's, Pixar, Toyota, National Grid, Deloitte, Liberty Mutual, GE Johnson, Caterpillar, Shell, Russell Stover, AIG, Wells Fargo, Cisco, In-N-Out Burger, Cigna, Fannie Mae, Quest Diagnostics, Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida, Blue Shield of California, Accenture, Philadelphia Insurance, Abbvie, TELUS, Desert Financial, QVC, EMC Insurance, Carrier Global, Leidos, TC Energy... and more...

This conference is intended for a wide range of executives working in corporate social responsibility (CSR) roles. Notably, the International Corporate Citizenship Conference is NOT open to vendors or nonprofit organizations (with the exception of some nonprofit healthcare organizations, credit unions, and consulting firms that have a dedicated corporate citizenship/sustainability department), as our goal is to focus solely on corporate citizenship—with all its unique challenges, emerging best practices, and opportunities. If you are employed by a for-profit company, and tasked with projects related to community involvement;  social impact; sustainability; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); health equity; corporate giving; or other facets of CSR, this event is for you.

#BCConf24 Is Officially Open!

Take advantage of early rates and the hotel room block, while it lasts! Register for the Conference Here

What makes the International Corporate Citizenship Conference different?

The Conference is different from other conferences in corporate citizenship because of its robust content, core focus, and world-class participants. This conference gathers global business leaders and CSR practitioners--the people who are collectively defining and redefining what it means to be a socially responsible business. If that sounds daunting, it's important to know this conference also creates a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment for attendees to share ideas and brainstorm solutions to challenges. You won't just listen to presentations. You will return to your organization with detail-rich case studies, practical know-how, and specific implementation tips to accelerate your corporate citizenship goals.

What do participants say about the Conference?

In surveying past attendees, we've gathered hundreds of positive reactions. Here are just a few of their takeaways:


If You're Serious about Corporate Citizenship... "[The Conference] helped me strategically. It helped me with messaging. It helped me in terms of my network, who I can reach out to in my industry and other industries. It helped me by exposing me to best practices... If you’re really serious about corporate citizenship, this conference is the place to be."


Different Ways to Engage "I really enjoyed how easy the (virtual) platform was to use and the various different ways to engage with the content. I like the discussion board, the breakout sessions with Zoom groups broken out even further in some cases, the small group discussions and the plenary sessions too!”

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Cutting-Edge Research "What I get the most out of [the conference] is the opportunity to learn more about the cutting edge research, which ultimately allows me to be most effective in my work. I always leave the conference feeling energized and excited to bring new ideas back to my firm.”

#BCConf24 Is Officially Open!

Take advantage of early rates and the hotel room block, while it lasts! Register for the Conference Here