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Membership with the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The member network convened by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship comprises of thousands of CSR professionals, serving more than 500 companies from around the globe each year. That makes us the largest member services organization dedicated to advancing the work of CSR and sustainability professionals and their companies.

We give members exclusive access to our robust and growing resource library, networking events, and account management services devoted to improving not only the corporate citizenship performance of their companies, but also their personal professional growth. Membership is companywide, and we provide plenty of tools to communicate with other departments and build strong environmental, social, and governance practices across your organization.

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Join the club! Members have access to exclusive research and networking opportunities that demonstrably improve corporate citizenship performance. If you work in a for-profit company, you’re eligible.


Congratulations! You and everyone at your company have access to the world’s most extensive corporate citizenship resource library, webinars and on-demand knowledge services, and much more.


We serve more than 500 companies from around the globe each year. Find out if yours is one of them—membership is companywide, and you may be eligible for services.

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What do members get? 


Whether you are looking for empirical research, recent news about the field, or emerging regulation, we provide a single stop for knowledge and insight about your work.


We provide opportunities to expand your network and share information with other corporate citizenship practitioners, from in-person affinity groups to an online community.


Have a question? We’re here to help! From on-demand knowledge requests to hundreds of practitioner-led webinars at your fingertips, you can count on us to assist with your corporate citizenship challenges.

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Looking for more information on membership? Fill out this form or call: 617.552.4545.