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Advisory Boards for Advanced CSR Professionals


Advisory Boards offer opportunities for advanced corporate citizenship professionals to share their expertise and advice, while staying current on emerging issues and leading-edge practice related to specific aspects of their work.   Read the full overview on advisory boards here.

Browse our current advisory board options below. Learn more about these groups (who should join, when they meet, etc.) in the FAQs section. If you still can’t find the answer you need, please reach out to

Which Board Will You and Your Team Join?

Health Equity Advisory Board Whether you are engaged in direct care, or partnering with community organizations to address barriers to optimal population health, this group is for you.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Board Join this forum to exchange ideas and work with peers on programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at your company.

ESG Reporting Advisory Board This advisory board, comprised of sustainability, social impact, and ESG reporting veterans, offers a supportive community of practice, to help you take an active, engaged approach.

Leadership in Community Involvement Advisory Board If you are responsible for some or all of your company's community involvement programs, ask about joining this unique and powerful forum to advance C.I.

Professional Services Sustainability Advisory Board If you're responsible for some or all of your company's sustainability practices and you work for a nonmanufacturing organization, this could be an ideal forum for you.

The Executive Advisory Board Open by invitation only, Executive Board members are a source of inspiration, knowledge, and expertise for the broader network of Center members.



What are Advisory Boards?

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) Advisory Boards offer opportunities for advanced corporate citizenship professionals to share their expertise and to stay up to date on emerging practice related to specific aspects of their work.  Each advisory board (see the list of boards below) will issue one or more advisory briefing publications each year, derived from advisory board proceedings.  Advisory board members are invited to be named co-authors of these publications.  These boards thus provide not only ongoing learning for the advisory board members themselves, but also provide an opportunity for members to act in service to the profession. 

Why join an Advisory Board?

Connecting with peers delivers a whole host of benefits:  

  • Keep YOUR morale up—joining a supportive network can help validate your ideas and keep your energy positive. 
  • Get more efficient—someone has probably walked the path you are on and can suggest helpful shortcuts. 
  • Accelerate problem-solving—BCCCC members are working on some of the world’s stickiest problems; you'll likely discover opportunities for collaboration.

Who can join a BCCCC Advisory Board?

Advisory Boards are an additional, affordable benefit of BCCCC membership and are open to all member companies. Companies can join multiple Boards, but no more than two executives from a single company can sit on the same board. If your company is a BCCCC member, please inquire about board membership for you and/or your colleagues below. If you are not yet a BCCCC member, learn more about becoming a member today!

Interested in joining an advisory board?

Please contact us for next steps! Contact Us

FAQs on BCCCC Advisory Boards

Learn more about the benefits and logistics of our Advisory Boards below.

How often do Advisory Boards meet?

Most of our boards run from September through August, meeting six times throughout the year. Five gatherings are 90-minute virtual meetings. The (in-person) spring meeting for all boards will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2024 in Memphis, TN, immediately preceding the 2024 International Corporate Citizenship Conference.

Which companies or CSR professionals participate in Advisory Boards?

Quite a few! Our most popular group currently consists of 30 member companies. If you’d like to see who’s already a member of a specific group, click on its name above. Note that some boards were newly created in the summer of 2023 and those do not yet have established memberships.

Who can join these Advisory Boards?

Your company must be a current member of the BCCCC in order to join a board. Within some groups, additional criteria may be required (e.g. participants must be decision makers in a given area of corporate citizenship). If you are already a BCCCC member, it’s definitely worth exploring these options. And if you’re not a member, take a moment to learn about BCCCC membership here. Alternatively, you may be interested in one of our executive education options, which are open to non-members and may also include some element of CSR peer interaction (depending on the option you select).

How much do Advisory Boards cost?

Advisory board membership discounts are available for companies joining multiple boards, each company can have two seats on a board, and one complimentary registration to BCCCC's annual Corporate Citizenship Conference will be included with the board membership.

Do you offer any other networking/group discussion options?

Yes! If you're interested in connecting with other CSR peers on a specific topic, but you're not interested in Board membership, consider one of our Member Meetups. You might also be interested in registering for the International Corporate Citizenship Conference, an annual event that brings together hundreds of CSR professionals from companies around the world. 

Can I request a new Advisory Board?

Absolutely! Please feel free to contact your BCCCC account manager or email the department at with any ideas/requests. We will do our best to accommodate new group requests.

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Interested in joining an advisory board?

Please contact us for next steps! Contact Us