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Corporate Citizenship Webinars & Virtual Events

Stay ahead of the topics and trends that are shaping the future of corporate citizenship by tuning into our monthly webinars. Led by speakers from leading corporations and research organizations, these content-rich events provide an opportunity for participants to connect and learn without leaving their desks.

Learning Partners

  • Charles Schwab
  • EY
  • massmutual

Upcoming Webinars & Virtual Events

MEMBER MEETUP | Get Out the Vote: Encouraging civic engagement - FOR MEMBERS

OCT 28 - No matter where you are in your process, we welcome you to join our conversations to troubleshoot, share your learnings, and engage with our dynamic member community.

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WEBINAR | Center Member Orientation

DEC 16 - We'll review the knowledge products, industry research, and services that are available to you as part of your membership, and how we can help you advance in the field of corporate citizenship.

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Webinars are free for all. Member Meetups are included in Center membership.

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Recent Webinar Recordings


Ask the Experts - CSR Reports and the Reporting Process

WEBINAR: Meet the Executive Advisor team responsible for project managing, writing, and directing the non-financial reports for many member companies.


Corporate Support for Military, Veterans, and Military Families

WEBINAR: How are companies meeting the unique needs of military members and their families?


MassMutual: Measuring Social Capital

WEBINAR: From strategy to solutions, this session discusses how establishing and standardizing social capital measures became a priority for MassMutual and its nonprofit partners


Committing to community mental health wellness: Blue Shield California and the Blue Sky program

WEBINAR: Colleagues from Blue Shield California explore community and employee mental health wellness.


Responding to Crises: Agile Corporate Citizenship

WEBINAR: How companies have met the 2020 challenge and how these experiences will shape corporate citizenship strategy in the future.


Unpacking an ecosystem approach to corporate philanthropy

WEBINAR: Charles Schwab Foundation and social impact agency, Prosono, share a case study using a fresh approach to evolving strategic CSR practices.


EY Ripples: Setting Corporate Responsibility in Motion, Globally

WEBINAR: This session will cover the step-by-step approach to launching a firmwide CR effort, from getting leadership buy-in, to assessing and anticipating strategic challenges.


New Research Release: Profile of the Professionals

WEBINAR: Learn how most people move through their careers in CSR, what skills, responsibilities, and education can help boost your salary, and which roles are most likely to be promoted from within or externally recruited.

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Recent Member Meetup Recaps


Back to School: Employee and Community Support

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share the internal and external support they are offering during this back to school season, and how they are supporting educational needs in the classroom and in your workplace.


Virtual Volunteering: What's Next?

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share how their companies are planning for remote work and virtual volunteering moving forward and how they will keep employees involved—through team building exercises, family events, volunteer weeks, or other options.


Corporate Action against Racial Inequality

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share how companies are taking action to fight racial inequality and to promote social justice in support of employees and communities.


Career Advancement in Corporate Citizenship

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed their own career journeys and offered advice for others looking to advance in the field of corporate citizenship.


Addressing Communication Challenges

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed how to or whether to promote grants and donations, especially at companies whose budgets have been cut; how to communicate with nonprofit partners; and how to reach and be sensitive to employees’ needs.


Changing Your Grant Making Focus and Easing Grant Restrictions

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed how best to navigate conversations with grantees, whether or how to loosen or remove restrictions on active grants, and how to help partners accelerate their work.


Virtual Volunteering and Employee Engagement

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed switching team meetings to online gatherings and creating plans to keep large portions of the workforce engaged, whether through day-to-day support, via virtual volunteering opportunities, or both


Disaster Relief and Employee Crisis Funds

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed updating disaster relief polices and employee crises procedures and answered questions regarding both the brass-tacks and strategic thinking behind such supports.