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Corporate Citizenship Webinars & Virtual Events


Stay ahead of the topics and trends that are shaping the future of corporate citizenship by tuning into our monthly webinars. Led by speakers from leading corporations and research organizations, these content-rich events provide an opportunity for participants to connect and learn without leaving their desks.

Upcoming Webinars, Meetups & Other Events

MEMBER MEETUP | Org Structures & CSR Teams | 12:00 - 1:00 ET FEB 28, 2024 | Where does CSR sit in other companies like yours? How are teams structured and how do they interface with HR, communications, business development, and the C-suite?

WEBINAR | Maximize Your Membership | 10:00 - 10:30 ET MAR 7, 2024 | Is your company a new member? Have you only recently heard about the Center? Do you belong to a member company and are interested in how corporate citizenship practices can benefit your role or department? This complimentary 30-minute power session will review the knowledge products, industry research, and services that are available to you as part of your membership.

MEMBER MEETUP | Equitable Access to Technology & Digital Literacy | 12:00 - 1:00 ET MAR 27, 2024 | Not all communities have equal access to the hardware, connectivity, or digital literacy that is essential for learning and thriving in today’s society. As a follow-up to the BCCCC and EY report on Closing the Digital Divide, this member meetup will open the floor for more examples of companies offering solutions.

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Recent Webinar Recordings

size of CSR team - 1

WEBINAR: Does Size Matter When It Comes to CSR Teams

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar for a look at how effective CSR leaders are doing more with less, including engaging senior leaders, maximizing influence, and developing strategies for getting more done.

socc 2024 - 1

WEBINAR: State of Corporate Citizenship 2024 Report

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar for a look at BCCCC's updated longitudinal study, exploring how corporate citizenship efforts contribute to business objectives including attracting and retaining customers and the development of innovative new products.

sustainability economic downturn - 1

WEBINAR: Embracing Sustainability in an Economic Downturn

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to learn how Allstate continuously drives positive social change within the workforce, its operations, and communities... even during periods of economic downturn.

new esg reporting tool - 1

WEBINAR: Navigating the ESG Reporting Landscape

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to learn more about our new ESG reporting/alignment tool, plus get prepared for coming regulations...

community involvement report 2021 release

WEBINAR: Key Findings from the 2023 Community Involvement Study

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to learn from industry leaders, experts, and corporate citizenship professionals featured in the 2023 Community Involvement Study. Discover innovative strategies, gain valuable knowledge, and explore where the field of community involvement is heading in the coming years.

csr communication webinar - 1

WEBINAR: Communicating the Corporate Citizenship Message Internally

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to learn from companies that have successfully implemented an internal communications strategy that helped bring senior leaders and employees across the firm into the ESG/CSR fold.

industry leader csr innovation

WEBINAR: Emerging Trends from the Advisory Boards

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to hear from seasoned corporate citizenship professionals who provide perspectives on emerging CSR trends and key themes from Advisory Board conversations throughout the year.

mexico employee time off

WEBINAR: Boosting Employee Engagement with ERGs

WEBINAR: Re-watch this webinar to learn practices for designing and implementing successful ERG programs, including tips for creating a supportive and inclusive culture, engaging executive leadership, and measuring impact.

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Our Most Recent Member Meetups, with Downloadable Recaps (MEMBERS ONLY)



Recent Member Meetup Recaps

ESG report how to - 1

Member Meetup | Creating Your First ESG Report

Get an overview of the essential steps and best practices for creating your company’s first ESG report, or—if you’ve already published one or two—get advice on where you can refine and improve.

using sdgs in construction

Member Meetup | Sustainable Development Goals and You

Download this 2023 Member Meetup recap to learn ways companies are using Sustainable Development Goals to foster healthier and more vibrant communities.

humanitarian aid israel gaza - 1

Member Meetup | Corporate Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Israel & Gaza

At this 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed ideas and challenges surrounding different corporate responses to the humanitarian crisis in Israel and Gaza.


Member Meetup | Best Practices in Volunteer Participation

At the October 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed best practices in employee volunteer participation--including why participation rates aren't always the most important metric.

corporate giving trends 2022

Member Meetup | Strategic Philanthropy

At the September 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed corporate grantmaking issues including foundations, multi-year grants, and Trust Based Philanthropy.

health equity stronger community

Member Meetup | Social Determinants of Health

At the June 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed social determinants of health: how corporate citizenship programs can play a role in addressing factors like safe housing, access to nutritious food, clean air and drinking water, and more.

environmental justice

Member Meetup | Environmental Justice

At the March 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed environmental justice: how companies can start to think about the health and environmental impacts their local communities are facing.

pro bono and skills based volunteering

Member Meetup | Pro bono and skills-based volunteering

At the January 2023 Member Meetup, members discussed strategies and best practices for using company expertise to give back to the community through skills-based volunteering, nonprofit board service, or other pro bono activities.