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Military Families and Veterans Advisory Board Report


2022 Bulletin 

This report highlights lessons from the Advisory Board in Support of Military Families and Veterans hosted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and chaired by USAA
This roundtable was launched at the beginning of 2021 as a forum to exchange ideas and work with peers on programs that support the military community. The goal was to gain knowledge and insights into best practices for these programs, explore potential cross-sector collaboration to positively impact the military community, and accelerate and share learning about how companies can most effectively support military families and veterans. 

In the 2022 Bulletin you will find key takeaways from board conversations and company examples on topics like:

  • Engaging military and veteran employees through employee resource groups
  • Supporting military employees' mental health
  • Diversity and inclusion conversation starters focused on the military
  • Community impact: How to select relevant nonprofit partners
  • Notes on understanding military culture
  • Military employee recruitment, retention, and career development
  • Plus much more...

(PLEASE NOTE: Access to this report is available to BCCCC members only. Check here to see if your company is a member. If not, ask us about joining.)

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Learn more about veteran and military family recruitment, retention, mental health support, and more... Get the Bulletin

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