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Employee Mental Health Wellness Study 2020

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The workplace offers not only an opportunity, but a responsibility, to address mental health for the wellbeing of employees. This effort will build a healthier internal culture in our companies and foster a much-needed mental health movement in our communities. 

This report will share research, real-life stories, and strategies to address the mental health crisis inside companies and communities. Corporate investments in mental health will directly affect the lives of your coworkers, their families, and friends, and will also positively impact the bottom line.

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What can CSR practitioners do to support employee mental health in our current context?

- Ensure your employees feel safe, and that their basic needs are being met. 

- Familiarize yourself with your company’s employee assistance program (EAP), and make sure that benefits are being communicated broadly and regularly.

- Provide training and support to managers.

- Leverage existing networks.

- Get creative. 

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