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Corporate Citizenship 101: Environmental, Social, and Governance Fundamentals

corporate citizenship 101
Are you new to the field of corporate citizenship? Are you partnering with CSR or sustainability colleagues, and seeking a better understanding of  the field's best practices? This introductory course will cover the primary concepts, ideas, and language of corporate citizenship, offering practical models and useful tools.  In it, you'll learn:
  • Fundamental principles, the scope of corporate citizenship, and the changing expectations of business in society.
  • Leading practices for aligning, developing, and implementing corporate citizenship through the use of strategy.
  • The key aspects and differences between essential reporting and standard frameworks including ISO, GRI, SASB, and CDP.
  • How to address key audiences and leadership with concise, consistent messages.
  • How to begin assessing programs and ensure desired outcomes and impacts.

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Take It At the 2024 Fall Summit A significant portion of this course will be offered at the 2024 Fall Summit. You can complete the remaining portion at home, at your own pace. Come to the Summit for 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 days!


Take It Online, Starting Today (Or Whenever You're Ready)! This course is available in a fully-online, self-paced format. You can complete it at your desk, according to your schedule

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Course Content: Preview the Specific Units or Modules Included in This Course

Module 1: Introduction to Corporate Citizenship and State of the World

  • Define corporate citizenship and review biggest challenges and opportunities globally
  • Activity: Discuss what you consider to be the greatest innovation

Module 2: Strategic Corporate Citizenship

  • The role of the corporation and integrating corporate citizenship into business strategy
  • Activity: How to deliver business value on business outcomes

Module 3: Stakeholder Engagement and Expectations | How to determine, prioritize, and engage with stakeholders on their issues

  • How to determine, prioritize, and engage with stakeholders on their issues
  •  Activity: Case study application from P&G, Target, and Volkswagen

Module 4: Governance

  • Explore corporate and corporate citizenship governance to determine the direction and process for decision making
  • Activity: Explore Ford Motor Company’s governance

Module 5: Communications

  • Consider the effectiveness of messages and channels to engage internal and external audiences
  • Activity: Apply the principles of persuasion to your own communication

Module 6: Reporting Frameworks and Measurement

  • Learn a tool for planning for and measuring impact
  • Activity: Apply the logic model to a case study at SAP

Module 7: Program Alignment and Vision for the Future

  • Review alignment of corporate citizenship programs with the business and explore the portfolio approach to program management
  • Activity: Apply the learning and apply a portfolio approach


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Can Anyone Take This Course, Regardless of Prior Knowledge or Experience?


No prerequisites are required, but we suggest participants should have some familiarity with their employers' ESG programs and overall business strategy. 



Professionals with corporate citizenship responsibilities with limited knowledge of corporate citizenship. This course is also helpful for individuals from other functional areas such as public and government affairs, public relations, marketing and communications who have direct contact with key company stakeholders and/or who work closely with their company's corporate citizenship function (e.g. public and government affairs, sustainability, corporate responsibility, public relations, marketing and communications).

Professional credentials earned:

5 certificate units toward a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. This is an elective course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice.

What is the current tuition for this course?


Member: $2,130
Non-member: $2,900

Please note that course discounts may be available when you enroll in multiple courses at once, either idependently or as part of a Summit (in-person learning experience) registration. See the chart below. If you are considering take multiple courses, connect with our team to better understand your options.



Register to begin the self-paced, online course. Register Here