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Corporate Citizenship Strategy

corporate citizenship strategy course
To gain the support of senior leaders and create the most impactful CSR programs, you must align your corporate citizenship efforts with corporate strategic goals. Employing widely accepted business strategy models, this course will help you:
  • Design, communicate, and execute corporate citizenship plans.
  • Identify opportunities for corporate citizenship to support business strategy.
  • Articulate clear programmatic goals that advance your company’s business strategy and make outcomes meaningful to colleagues, in terms of the metrics that are most important to them.
  • Reinforce the core values of your company and the very best aspects of your corporate culture.

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Course Content: Preview the Specific Units or Modules Included in This Course


Start and finish on your schedule: Courses take 15-17 hours, including video content and exercises.

Module 1: Introduction and Strategy Context

  • Introduction and background information on the strategy context from a corporate citizenship perspective
  • Activity: Reflect on your current corporate strategy program

Module 2: Business Strategy

  • Exploration of business strategy and overview of two popular business strategy tools
  • Activity: Map out the forces currently impacting your company

Module 3: Corporate Citizenship Strategy

  • Corporate citizenship strategy and why it should be aligned to your business strategy
  • Activity: Case study and test a strategy

Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

  • Prioritization of stakeholders and issues
  • Activity: Prioritize stakeholders using the stakeholder engagement prioritization template

Module 5: Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Overview of a commonly used business framework and how to build a strategy canvas
  • Activity: Create a Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas

Module 6: Strategy Implementation

  • Overview of strategy implementation and introduction of the Star Model
  • Activity: Discussion questions on strategy implementation

Module 7: Leading Change

  • Implement a corporate citizenship strategy by leading a movement for change
  • Activity: Discussion question on leading change in your company

Module 8: Delivering Value

  • Value creation paths to achieve benefits to different stakeholders
  • Activity: Plan to deliver value to different audiences

Module 9: Executing Tactics

  • Overview of supportive tactics for your corporate citizenship strategy
  • Activity: Reflect on the tactics used in your company for implementing your company’s corporate citizenship strategy

Module 10: Designing Individual Programs

  • The logic model and how it can be used to design corporate citizenship programs 
  • Activity: Test the model using a company example and your own company’s corporate citizenship program

This course is recommended for:

This program is recommended for professionals responsible for designing or managing a corporate citizenship program at any level, and professionals who seek to develop their strategy skills.

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Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Nothing is required, but for those who are new to the field, we suggest first completing the course Corporate Citizenship 101.



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Interested in Taking This Course Online?

Register to begin the self-paced, online course. Register Here