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Fundamentals of Sustainability Reporting


With so many different reporting frameworks and indices to choose from, how do you make a well-informed, strategic decision about which to use? The decisions are crucial if you are to gain the benefits of reporting, such as highlighting corporate culture, improving performance along the environmental, social, or governance (ESG) dimensions of business informing strategy, establishing accountability, providing transparency, or engaging employees.

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Course Offerings

Hybrid | San Diego, CA and Online
JAN 18, 2019

This one-day course is offered during the week-long Accelerated Certificate Summit.



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Non-member: $2050.00

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Elective Course | Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice

4 Certificate Units

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Join us and learn:

> The mission, goals, and purposes of leading corporate citizenship reporting frameworks, including CDP, GRI, SASB, and UNGC.

> To apply a decision-making rubric for assessing and selecting corporate citizenship frameworks, standards, and rankings.

> How leading companies use internationally accepted guidelines and standards to articulate their corporate citizenship performance and which could be suitable for your company.

> The importance of rankings and ratings related to corporate citizenship (e.g. World’s Most Ethical Companies, Most Admired, Top 50 Companies for Diversity).


This course is for:

Corporate citizenship professionals responsible for the design, development, and execution of determining, measuring, reporting and/or disclosing their environmental, social, or governance performance. This course is also helpful for professionals new to the field of corporate citizenship or those seeking to expand their general knowledge of the field.

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Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Completion of the Center course Corporate Citizenship 101.

Professional credentials earned:

4 certificate units toward either a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice or a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Reporting, and 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This is an elective course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice and a required course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Reporting.



  • Member: $1710.00
  • Nonmember: $2050.00

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