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Stakeholder and Material Issues Management: Advanced Corporate Citizenship Strategy

Corporate citizenship professionals are on the front lines of company interactions with a wide array of stakeholders—community leaders, nonprofit partners, employees, the media, and more.  Stakeholders often have differing or even conflicting points of view. This course will provide tools to prioritize stakeholder relationships, identify material issues, and engage stakeholders to collect valuable feedback that can help you to maximize business and social value. You will also learn: 
  • How to assess and prioritize stakeholders by their levels of influence, urgency, and legitimacy.
  • How to track issues and stakeholders as they evolve.
  • Which tactics—monitoring, surveys, interviews, and focus groups—are appropriate for each stakeholder group.
  • How to develop a materiality matrix for your industry sector and your company.
  • How to apply the materiality assessment process to your company to identify corporate citizenship priorities.

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Course Content: Preview the Specific Units or Modules Included in This Course



Start and finish on your schedule: Courses take 15-17 hours, including video content and exercises.

Module 1: Welcome and Context

  • Introduce the concept of materiality, the issues that are relevant and significant to a company
  • Activity: check your knowledge with a brief quiz

Module 2: Stakeholder Management

  • Provides an overview of stakeholder management
  • Activity: a case study and reflection on engagement and business objectives

Module 3: Stakeholder Identification

  • Explore the many different types of stakeholders that exist, learn how to identify stakeholders using various dimensions, and classifying them to allow for more effective management
  • Activity: identify your stakeholders

Module 4: Stakeholder Prioritization

  • Understand how to prioritize your list of identified stakeholders in order to accurately direct resources toward stakeholder issues
  • Activity: actively prioritize your stakeholders

Module 5: Stakeholder Issues

  • Diagnose and analyze stakeholder issues, helping to determine how to address those issues
  • Activity: identify stakeholder issues

Module 6: Stakeholder Engagement

  • Dig into levels of engagement with a range of stakeholders, from monitoring to full partnership based on the priority of the stakeholder and the urgency of the issues at hand
  • Activity: case study and devise a stakeholder engagement plan

Module 7: Issues and Topics

  • Identify a full list of issues to consider with the application of a materiality assessment
  • Activity: determine topics that are material for your company

Module 8: Analyze

  • Investigate the full list of issues that have been identified, to inform the decision-making process regarding which issues are of greatest importance based on the available time and resources
  • Activity: build a materiality analysis

Module 9: Act

  • Continue in the materiality process through action to address the issues that have been identified and prioritized
  • Activity: make choices that most appropriately fit a concern or issue

Module 10: Report, Communicate, and Monitor

  • Learn about communicating the method and reporting findings based upon the actions taken
  • Activity: a materiality analysis case study


This course is for: 

Corporate citizenship professionals developing or refreshing their company’s CSR strategy; corporate citizenship professionals developing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy or plan for a GRI report; corporate citizenship professionals developing a community engagement strategy or plan for a new region; and other professionals engaging with external stakeholders in the design, development, and evaluation of programs. This course is appropriate also for professionals at any level seeking to better understand and apply the concept of materiality to the programs they manage.

Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Possesses a familiarity with employer’s business strategy.

Professional credentials earned:

5 units will be applied to a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. This is an elective course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. 



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