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Deepen Employee Engagement with Corporate Citizenship


By engaging employees in corporate citizenship, your company can derive a variety of benefits, including: greater productivity, improved reputation, increased employee retention, and lower cost of recruiting. A recent Gallup study found that 70 percent of U.S. employees are disengaged at work (87 percent of workers globally), and estimates that actively disengaged employees cost U.S. businesses $450–$550 billion per year in productivity losses. Corporate citizenship initiatives, especially volunteer and giving programs, have the potential to increase engagement. This course explores strategies, tools, and leading practices for designing your corporate citizenship with the objective of improving employee engagement.

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Course Offerings

Hybrid | San Diego, CA and Online
JAN 15, 2019

This one-day course is offered during the week-long Accelerated Certificate Summit.

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Elective Course | Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice

4 Certificate Units

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Join us and learn:

> The business value of employee engagement.

> How corporate citizenship efforts encourage employee engagement.

> Strategies for creating and deepening engagement.

> Engagement tactics to connect with senior leadership, managers, and employees.

> Tools for rewarding employee participation in corporate citizenship programs and measuring engagement.


This course is for:

HR professionals responsible for measuring and improving engagement; those wanting to increase participation in community involvement programs; those seeking to get higher employee engagement numbers; corporate citizenship professionals responsible for employee volunteer programs, Green Teams, and/or communicating with employees; corporate citizenship professionals developing or refreshing their company’s CSR strategy; and other professionals engaging with employees in the design, development, and evaluation of corporate citizenship programs.

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Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Completion of a Center course including Corporate Citizenship Strategy or Corporate Citizenship Communications.


Professional credentials earned:

4 certificate units toward a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice and 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This is an elective course for a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice.



  • Member: $1710.00
  • Non-Member: $2050.00

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