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Colleen Olphert

Director, Membership and Member Services

Colleen leads the strategy and operations related to the recruitment and retention of member companies. Since joining the center in 2001 Colleen has had thousands of conversations with business professionals on the challenges and opportunities corporate citizenship presents to them. In her current role she uses her knowledge and experience to provide direction on content connected to member services. Prior to joining the Center, Colleen worked in the non-profit sector. She received her MBA and MSW from Boston College.

Recent Posts by Author


Guiding students through life’s storms

Blue Shield of California launched the BlueSky program to offer support for student mental health challenges and boost youth resiliency

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How we expect leaders to communicate in crisis

Chief executives from our member companies have led on communicating genuine public statements through the pandemic.

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Corporate Citizenship Responses to COVID-19

A regularly updated post on how Center members are stepping up to support responders, remove barriers to healthcare, and provide services and products to those who need them most.

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Wells Fargo-GLIDE

Confronting the homelessness crisis

Compounded by our new normal, the housing challenge has existed for many years—and corporate citizenship programs have rallied to confront it with resources and community partnerships.

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Wellness programs that support the whole employee

Research shows participation in such programs can improve employee productivity—here's how one company integrates both emotional well-being and physical activity into its initiatives.

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Committed to Inclusion in STEM

Corporate leaders who prioritize innovation, employee engagement, and recruiting and retention of employees understand the importance of developing an inclusive culture that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

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Connect (2)

Financial empowerment: A holistic approach

Umpqua Bank’s unique approach to financial inclusion combines philanthropic engagement, literacy programs, and customer experience in service of stronger, more prosperous communities.

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The CorporateCitizenshipImperativeDuringCrisis-1280x720

The Corporate Citizenship Imperative During Crisis

FedEx is using its strongest capabilities to meet critical demands of the COVID-19 crisis—its logistics network and expertise.

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The Benefits of Peer Learning and Virtual Networking

Those who are able to work remotely during COVID-19’s period of physical distancing may already be realizing the value of social and professional interactions with coworkers--even if only on computer screens.

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Launching Students to Success

Here we look at Mailchimp, which is utilizing the power of community partnerships to find creative solutions for underserved communities.

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Recruiting for inclusion when networking is the norm

In an industry that’s all about who you know, here’s how Warner creates career opportunities for individuals from under-represented backgrounds.

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Want to lead change? Be a positive disruptor

Four corporate citizenship leaders discuss best practices for building relationships and leading cross-departmental initiatives.

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3M Video

Skills-based volunteering: Innovation and impact

3M offers employees career-oriented volunteer opportunities so their community involvement doubles as professional development.

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Sustainable to the Core

Veolia North America believes that sustainable solutions must deliver economic value to its customers, who are facing increasingly complex environmental challenges.

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Disaster relief and the modern-day bucket brigade

Lowe’s revives an old concept in mobilizing its workforce to distribute relief kits to communities affected by natural disaster.

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Amplifying impact through matching gifts

How Vanguard revamped its employee giving program to drive even more change across many important causes.

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From unacceptable results to an award-winning program

BBVA’s lessons learned in corporate responsibility provide an exemplary case study of how to rebound from failure to success.

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Good for the environment, good for business

Environmental sustainability is a critical component of corporate citizenship strategy and an increasingly important business priority. Companies that assess, manage, and communicate their environmental performance reduce risk, identify cost savings, and improve performance.

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The business benefits of 100% employee volunteer participation

At Berkshire Bank, perfect participation in employee volunteer programs deepens employee engagement, enhances reputation, and drives a culture of social responsibility.

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Courageous conversations—and actions

How General Mills has implemented corporate citizenship programs that have successfully contributed to attracting and retaining top talent.

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