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Katherine V. Smith

Executive Director

Katherine is executive director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship, Boston College Carroll School of Management, and part-time faculty in the Carroll School of Management. As executive director, she oversees all of the Center's activities and strategic ventures.

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Employees drive community involvement—and its financial returns

On Monday, April 30, I had the pleasure of welcoming 600 corporate citizenship professionals to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s 2019 International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Dallas, TX.

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The virtuous cycle of community involvement and employee engagement

Employee engagement is an essential driver of both community involvement and business success.

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New learning opportunities at the Center for Corporate Citizenship

We’re excited to announce several additions to our Executive Education calendar to support the ever-expanding work of corporate citizenship professionals.

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What leadership means for corporate citizenship

Today, a new kind of leader is emerging—one who leads from behind and within.

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Innovation for corporate citizenship: Creating a better business and a better world

Corporate citizenship professionals must be constant innovators, nimble and quick to react to a constantly changing landscape.

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How much progress have we made over the past 70 years in securing human rights?

The basic rights laid out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights endure in corporate citizenship.

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Your resolution for 2019: Know more, do more, and achieve more

An overview of the resources we shared this year, which also present opportunities for corporate citizenship professionals in 2019.

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Accelerate success together

Companies are joining forces—with nonprofit partners, within their companies, and even with other firms—to achieve sustainable change.

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People + Purpose = Progress

Something amazing happens when people unite to advance ambitious goals: the goals become possible to achieve!

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Leading change in ESG

All sustainability and social impact work is change management.

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The key to leadership is learning

As a corporate citizenship professional, your leadership—even if you don’t sit at the top of the organization—is critical to your company’s success in achieving its purpose.

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A strategic approach to public policy engagement

A case study from Microsoft on how companies can become more active in policy and political issues—from education, to immigration, to human rights.

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Scan, analyze, experiment, and evolve for corporate citizenship success

As corporate citizenship leaders, we should cultivate four important behaviors to develop resilience.

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Achieving compensation equality in the workplace

The merits of diverse and inclusive workforces are well-documented. The Center provides resources to help you create inclusive environments that recognize and reward your employees equally.

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Environmental insights: Trends in Sustainable Business study

The Center's Trends in Sustainable Business study is a guide to help you address the environmental impacts in your operations—and at your own events.

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Maintaining resilience through change: Notes from the field from a CSR leader 

Marlene Ibsen, Vice President of Community Relations at Travelers, shares the importance of effective strategy development during times of organizational change.

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Create your own collaborative CSR team

It is vital for corporate citizenship professionals to take the time to cultivate an innovation collaborative.

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Building CSR on optimism in 2018

At the International Corporate Citizenship Conference,companies will share how they have cultivated resilience by maintaining optimism about what is possible.

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Giving Tuesday gif

Participating in #GivingTuesday? Corporate giving may be its own reward, but there are other benefits, too…

#GivingTuesday is a focused opportunity for companies to engage employees, community partners, and customers in an effort to champion a philanthropic cause.

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Corporate citizenship goals beyond 'better': How to get where you want to go

In the new issue of The Corporate Citizen, you'll read about leading companies who have moved beyond better to create first-in-class programs.

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