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Katherine V. Smith

Executive Director

Katherine is executive director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship, Boston College Carroll School of Management, and part-time faculty in the Carroll School of Management. As executive director, she oversees all of the Center's activities and strategic ventures.

Recent Posts by Author

day of service

Business Resource Groups and Green Teams on the Job

See what business resource groups and green teams from companies around the world are up to this season, and learn more about different types of ERGs/BRGs, including the growing demand for parent/caregiver groups.

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fedex rise against hunger

SDG 2: Zero Hunger | Companies Fighting Hunger & Food Insecurity

Sustainable Development Goal 2 aims to create a world free of hunger by 2030. Here's how some community-conscious companies are working to fight food insecurity, especially amidst economic and supply chain challenges.

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black business month dsw

Spotlight on Black Business Month

In honor of Black Business Month, enjoy this roundup of CSR examples: companies supporting Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs, making invaluable contributions to the American economy.

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csrd eu - 1

The CSRD: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

A simple overview of the EU's CSRD for corporate sustainability reporting. With answers to questions like: What is the CSRD? Which companies (in the U.S. and abroad) must comply with EU sustainability reporting standards? When and how?

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kiddie academy 2

Companies Supporting Students and Engaging Summer Interns

Companies in our corporate citizenship community support all different types of student-centered programs, from K-12 initiatives to college scholarships and career readiness programs. Many are also working hard to engage their summer interns.

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employee wellbeing companies - 1

Prioritizing Employee Wellness and Well-Being

June is Professional Wellness Month and the last week of June represents World Well-being Week. This post rounds up a variety of employee wellness and well-being programs, including initiatives aimed at physical wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness, social and professional wellness.

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world refugee day - 1

World Refugee Day | Companies Addressing the Displacement Crisis

How companies are partnering with local and global organizations to help refugees and displaced communities as they work to establish new lives, gain meaningful employment, or start their own businesses.

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employee resource groups pride month

Employee Resource Groups and Active Allyship This Pride Month

Employee resource groups, business resource groups, and other LGBTQ+ allies are in the spotlight this Pride Month as they demonstrate active allyship -- how they celebrate diversity and inclusion in June and all throughout the year.

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aapi month companies celebrate japan parade

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month: How Companies Are Celebrating

How are leading companies celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month? Take a look at the many conversations, employee profiles, and personal stories our members are highlighting this month, as well as partnership and philanthropic efforts aimed at supporting the AAPI community.

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companies celebrating earth day heaven hill

Companies Celebrating Earth Day, Earth Month, & More

With a wide variety of environmental goals and sustainability commitments, these companies demonstrate how they celebrate Earth Day every day. Read more about the innovative projects, partnerships, and investments these earth-conscious brands are undertaking.

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mental health awareness companies pwc

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace and Beyond

A roundup of company efforts to spotlight the importance of mental health, along with stories that help destigmatize the process of seeking or receiving help for mental health concerns. Read how BCCCC members are making mental health a priority for their employees, consumers, communities, and other stakeholders.

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Deloitte kitchen

Community Investment from Companies Large and Small

Read how companies are investing in their communities to expand local youth services, empower trans persons, fight childhood obesity, support Black business owners, and generally ensure brighter futures for their stakeholder neighborhoods.

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Examples of Employee Volunteering to Kick off Global Volunteer Month

Looking for examples of employee volunteer programs in action? Check out these initiatives from companies around the world that are working with their teams to address pressing social and environmental concerns.

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kyndryl program

Companies Embracing Equity on International Women's Day and Beyond

On International Women's Day and throughout Women's History Month, BCCCC members share wins and challenges of their professional journeys while demonstrating examples and initiatives designed to embrace equity.

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corporate social impact local and abroad

Corporate Social Impact: Locally and Abroad

Corporate giving, employee volunteering, community partnerships... See the latest examples of corporate social impact at work, both locally and around the world.

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Companies Celebrate Black History Month and More

In recognition of Black History Month, here's a roundup of how our corporate members are reflecting on Black history while working to advance inclusion in the workplaces and communities they serve.

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companies responding to earthquake in turkey and syria - 1

How Companies Are Responding to the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

A roundup of companies responding to the crisis in Turkey and Syria, following the most destructive earthquake to hit the region in over twenty years.

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examples company mentoring programs

Examples of Company Mentoring Programs

January is National Mentoring Month. As the month wraps up, we're spotlighting examples of company mentoring programs, reverse mentoring insights, as well as individual mentors who are working to help mentees from all backgrounds realize their full potential.

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MLK day of service companies volunteer

2023 MLK Day of Service

A roundup of company efforts to make the most of MLK Day 2023 through Days of Service programs. Read examples of local and national volunteer efforts, along with our regular weekly lineup of member news and CSR job posts.

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esg strategy talent retention - 1

ESG Strategy, Talent, and Retention

As we kick off 2023, corporate citizens are talking about ESG strategies and the talent needed to get the work done. Our members are also talking about how corporate citizenship efforts can be effective in retaining top talent, along with more great examples of community involvement, employee volunteering, and efforts to cultivate inclusive workplaces.

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