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Katherine V. Smith

Executive Director

Katherine is executive director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship, Boston College Carroll School of Management, and part-time faculty in the Carroll School of Management. As executive director, she oversees all of the Center's activities and strategic ventures.

Recent Posts by Author

measurable solutions CSR

Innovative, impactful, and measurable solutions for a changing world

Barjouth Aguilar Ayala, head of global sustainability program and foundation officer, Flex, posted from the 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Awards Gala. Aguilar was accepting Flex’s Manufacturing Leadership Awards, including in the sustainability and circular economy category.

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closing climate change funding gap

Closing the climate change funding gap

"Currently, less than two percent of philanthropic dollars go toward addressing climate change. Investment capital for innovative solutions that could reduce carbon emissions that lead to global warming is inadequate as well..." according to Cisco's Peter Tavernise.

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recognizing employee volunteers around the globe

Recognizing employee volunteers around the globe

Bank of America recently announced a 15-year commitment to partner with Constellation, a clean energy company, in order to purchase power and project-specific renewable energy certificates (RECs). Bank of America aims to power approximately 17% of its global electricity consumption with clean energy, expecting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 95,000 metric tons annually.

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corporate responsibility informs design

People powering progress

The member community convened by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is one of a kind. The 500+ companies we serve each year around the globe are leaders in environmental, social, and governance action, and the thousands of individuals who make up this network are some of the best in the field!

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incredible week of learning

Incredible week of CSR learning, networking, and camaraderie

Maggie Shortes, who works for Wells Fargo as senior vice president and chief of staff for external engagement, diverse segments, representation and inclusion, posted on LinkedIn about her experience at the BCCCC Management Intensive.

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corporate giving equity for all

Corporate giving that supports equity for all

Point32Health has released its first-ever Corporate Citizenship Report: Creating a Shared Future. The report highlights stories covering philanthropic grants, community engagement, volunteering, and more...

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How's your ESG data? Ensuring accuracy and new reports

Kyra Whitten, vice president, sustainability, and president, Flex Foundation, penned a blog post on the Flex website called Is your ESG data trustworthy? for its Building a sustainable business blog series.

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supporting teen mental health wellbeing

Supporting teen mental health and wellbeing

Cigna's Evernorth has published a study suggesting that mental health concerns are on the rise among teens, and the impact on parents and families is an unmet need employers could address. Approximately 80% of the 1,000 parents included in Cigna's survey said their children are struggling with their mental health...

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companies respond to war in ukraine

How Companies Are Responding to the War in Ukraine: A Roundup

A roundup of companies donating to Ukraine and/or responding to Russian invasion, including examples of companies offering humanitarian aid, matching gifts, pro bono services, and revised operations within Russia, and statements condemning the war. See examples and send us your own.

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celebrate csr achievements

Pause and Celebrate Your Achievements

Saskia Epstein, vice president, client and community relations, PNC Bank, is being honored by YW Boston in along with four other 2022 Academy of Women Achievers. The honors have been awarded since 1995 by YW Boston as part of its mission to promote and celebrate the achievements of women.

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Communications to amplify the work of stellar partners

Join us in celebrating some of the new CSR hires among our member companies, along with the week's latest corporate citizenship initiatives and job openings.

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New job opportunities for aspiring DEI directors

Exciting updates from Takeda, Target, and FedEx on the corporate citizenship front, plus several open roles for the position of Director of DEI...

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Brighter, bolder, better corporate citizenship

A roundup of BCCCC member companies and CSR executives in the news, along with inspiring quotes heard at #BCConf22 from several mainstage speakers. And updated list of open job opportunities in corporate citizenship is also included.

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sustainability professionals more engaged

Sustainability professionals will need to be more engaged

Morgan Stanley’s Cryptocurrency and Sustainability Research teams did a deep dive on the key ESG issues surrounding crypto. Researchers detailed what they found, saying, "While crypto can offer some societal benefits—such as financial inclusion and the ability to 'be your own bank'—there are also potential downsides...

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companies invest in green products

Companies invest in green products, renewable energy, and more

New Balance announced that it will expand its product assortment under the company’s green leaf standard to now include certain footwear, focusing on high-volume models. Plus, other news and job openings in CSR...

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csr professionals career opportunities

CSR professionals take on new career opportunities

CSR executives take on new roles and new challenges in this week's roundup of corporate citizenship activity. See who's tackling the plastic waste crisis and who's winning awards for community engagement...

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diversity and inclusion metrics and accountability

Diversity and inclusion metrics, accountability for progress

This latest roundup highlights some promising data on the growth in the number of women and underrepresented employees hired globally.

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ESG report season

It's ESG Report Season | Updates from BCCCC Member Companies

A roundup of BCCCC members who are issuing annual ESG reports, along with other highlights from companies and executives in our CSR community

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sec proposed new rules

SEC proposes new rules for mandatory environmental disclosure

The SEC rules for mandatory climate-related disclosures (currently moving toward a 60-day review period) would require companies issuing securities in U.S. financial markets to include in their Form 10-K and other disclosures information including the following...

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working together for a better brighter future

Working together for a better, bolder, brighter future

BCCCC members featured prominently on the agenda at this week’s virtual International Corporate Citizenship Conference. Here's what they had to say, along with other CSR news.

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