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Value of Corporate Citizenship


Corporate citizenship delivers value when companies optimize their core competencies to address opportunities, goals, and operating context issues in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of business. Research reveals that strong corporate social and environmental performance is no longer simply a "nice to have" element of a company's overall strategy. In today's global economy, corporate responsibility is a business imperative. When companies create comprehensive CSR platforms that optimize their core competencies and work to address operating context issues, opportunities, and goals, they deliver measurable business value. As corporate citizenship professionals, we create both business and social value in countless ways, from establishing innovative community involvement partnerships to engaging with stakeholders to assess environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts and opportunities.

We know that realizing the full value of corporate responsibility cannot be achieved in isolation. The continued communication between company and community stakeholders, c-suite executives, and individuals throughout a company's value chain is an integral component to both understanding and furthering the value we create through corporate citizenship. While it may have once been seen primarily as an opportunity for risk mitigation and reputation enhancement, our work is now recognized as a practice with both social and economic significance.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help. Below is a sample of the corporate citizenship examples and research we offer our members.

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Resources and Research on the Value of Corporate Citizenship


State of Corporate Citizenship

The State of Corporate Citizenship is a research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that examines how executives view corporate citizenship and their firms' performance in the environmental, social, and governance dimensions of business.


Demonstrate your value through strategic measurement

When done right, corporate citizenship is a serious investment of money, resources, and time. To ensure that your CSR programs continue to receive the funding and attention they deserve, you must be able to demonstrate—to your leaders, your partners, and broader stakeholders—the return on that investment, or the ROI.


The Advantage of Good Governance

Three member companies have taken unique steps to operate more ethically and transparently, and in doing so gained a competitive edge.

brand reputation and building trust

Brand and Reputation: Build Trust with Stakeholders

COURSE - Learn how corporate citizenship and CSR contributes to reputation and brand equity.

good corp citizenship

Good corporate citizenship performance reduces risk and improves the financial performance of efficient firms

Firms that are efficient in their business operations can further improve the company’s financial performance and reduce risk with good corporate social performance.

employee satisfaction

Employee job satisfaction increases firm value over time

Firms with high levels of employee satisfaction—measured by inclusion on the annual "100 Best Companies to Work For in America" list—generate higher long-term stock returns. This signals that intangible assets, such as employee satisfaction, are not immediately recognized by the market, but lead to increased firm value over time.


Impact Investing: Connecting money management with mission

In this webinar you will learn about impact investing and the many ways companies are leveraging this increasingly popular vehicle for philanthropy. 


The Value of Corporate Citizenship Infographic

Corporate citizenship facilitates the connections that bring benefits to business and society. By developing a comprehensive corporate citizenship strategy that addresses the environmental, social, and, governance aspects of business, CSR professionals can achieve key business goals that strengthen the triple bottom line.

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WEBINAR | Key Findings from the 2023 Community Involvement Study | 12:00 - 1:00 PM

NOV 15, 2023 | Join us for an upcoming webinar where we will present the findings of the 2023 Community Involvement Study, a signature research report examining how companies are investing in community involvement efforts and how these efforts contribute to the financial success of the company.

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WEBINAR | Embracing Sustainability in an Economic Downturn | 12:00 - 1:00 ET

DEC 13, 2023 | Join Allstate Insurance Corporation thought leaders for an engaging conversation about how doing what is right is good for business.

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