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Engaging Employees


Engaging employees is a best practice that results in keeping workplace productivity high and turnover rates low. Research makes a direct connection between effective efforts and retaining engaged and productive employees, so it's no surprise that engaging employees has emerged as a key performance indicator for corporate citizenship. High levels of employee engagement benefit companies by boosting reputation and recruiting new talent, and can serve as a tool to help corporate social responsibility professionals gain executive buy-in.

Employee engagement activities include wellness programs, sustainability efforts, volunteer opportunities, mentoring initiatives, giving campaigns, and other types of workplace corporate responsibility activities that provide employees with an outlet for sharing their talents. It also grants them an opportunity to build meaningful networks both within the company and with external stakeholders. Empirical research shows consistently that engaged employees feel more positively about their jobs and are more productive. When you employ CSR programs that provide employees with opportunities to develop, challenge themselves, and form meaningful connections to peers within the company and in the broader community, you can help your company reap the benefits of an engaged workforce.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help you develop the most effective corporate responsibility program possible. Below is a sample of the employee engagement examples and research we offer our members.

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Resources and Research on Engaging Employees

corporate community involvement study 2021

Community Involvement Study

Conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this research project explores how companies are investing in corporate foundation giving and employee volunteering and how these community involvement efforts connect to overall business success.


Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Citizenship

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is increasingly becoming a corporate citizenship and business imperative for all industries. This report finds that companies that work to attract diverse talent that is developed and supported through thoughtful inclusion efforts are rewarded with increased performance.


The Power of All of the People

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2017: Diversity and inclusion efforts have come to the forefront of corporate citizenship as companies not only seek to achieve the business benefits but also work to effect positive social change to ensure the future growth of both the national and global economy.


Deepen Employee Engagement with Corporate Citizenship

COURSE - In this course, learn how to engage employees in corporate citizenship to improve reputation, increase employee retention, and lower the cost of recruiting.


Building Strength from Differences

A look at the ways two companies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion for future success.


The business case for healthy employees

Healthier employees are more productive and engaged in their work. They are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time for illnesses. They also perceive their companies as invested in their well-being and as more attractive places to work.


How employee satisfaction contributes to financial performance

A researcher examined the connection between employee satisfaction and financial performance and found a positive correlation. The study highlights the need to understand how to best motivate and retain employees in order to derive value from a stable employee base.


Nonprofit Board Training: Preparing and Engaging Employees for Board Service

This webinar featured companies who have created training programs that help both the employee and the nonprofit. You will learn how these companies increase participation, then measure and communicate their results.

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