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Corporate Citzenship Perspectives


Movers, Shakers & Impact Makers: Environmental Leaders, Exemplary Mentors, and More

9/13/2019: Here is how our members have been working to build a better business and a better world.

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Disaster relief and the modern-day bucket brigade

Lowe’s revives an old concept in mobilizing its workforce to distribute relief kits to communities affected by natural disaster.

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Successful collaboration with investor relations

Corporate citizenship and investor relations are poised to become close collaborators in the coming years.

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Movers, Shakers & Impact Makers: September 6, 2019

9/6/2019: Here is how our members have been working to build a better business and a better world.

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The Corporation Redefined

We can add last week’s statement from Business Roundtable (BRT) to the growing list of signs that business is prioritizing increasingly a broader array of stakeholders.

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Movers, Shakers & Impact Makers: New Reports, Celebrating Volunteers, and More

Here is how our members have been working to build a better business and a better world.

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Movers, Shakers & Impact Makers: Business Roundtable, CSR Influence Leaders, and More

Here is how our members have been working to build a better business and a better world.

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Amplifying impact through matching gifts

How Vanguard revamped its employee giving program to drive even more change across many important causes.

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Big data, big opportunities, big risks

Corporate citizenship professionals have a vital role to play in data security and privacy.

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From unacceptable results to an award-winning program

BBVA’s lessons learned in corporate responsibility provide an exemplary case study of how to rebound from failure to success.

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The Corner Office: USAA CEO Stuart Parker on the value of corporate citizenship

In his leadership at USAA, Parker recognizes that business and corporate responsibility goals should serve a common purpose.

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A personal commitment: learning

Corporate citizenship professionals must constantly react to a changing field—which makes continuous learning part of the job description.

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Good for the environment, good for business

Environmental sustainability is a critical component of corporate citizenship strategy and an increasingly important business priority. Companies that assess, manage, and communicate their environmental performance reduce risk, identify cost savings, and improve performance.

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Corporate citizenship reporting is trending up

As companies today are being asked to report on not only their bottom line, but also how they are working to address ESG challenges such as climate change and social inequalities, voluntary reporting has become an increasingly important responsibility of corporate citizenship professionals.

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The business benefits of 100% employee volunteer participation

At Berkshire Bank, perfect participation in employee volunteer programs deepens employee engagement, enhances reputation, and drives a culture of social responsibility.

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2019 Corporate Citizenship Conference Recap Day 3: Aligning people with purpose to create progress

Attendees spent the final day of the Conference learning about engaging employees using corporate citizenship initiatives to promote mastery, autonomy, and purpose.

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2019 Corporate Citizenship Conference Evening Recap Day 2: Making progress on pressing issues

The final hours of the day delivered lessons learned from companies engaged in corporate citizenship efforts that have strong ties to a sustainable business purpose.

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2019 Corporate Citizenship Conference Morning Recap Day 2: The life-changing impact of effective programs

The morning’s sessions brought insights about the business case for community involvement, what makes a successful CSR program, and initiatives to improve the STEM talent pipeline.

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2019 Corporate Citizenship Conference Recap Day 1: Lessons learned and how to share them

The annual event for corporate citizenship professionals kicked off in Dallas with the presentation of the 11th annual Film Festival awards.

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2019 International Corporate Citizenship Conference begins today in Dallas

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship will welcome hundreds of professionals for two-and-a-half packed days of learning and networking.

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