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Stakeholder Management: Identify, Prioritize, and Act | ONLINE


Get all your stakeholders on-board with corporate citizenship.

Citizenship professionals are on the front line of company interactions with a wide array of stakeholders—community leaders, nonprofit partners, employees, and media—and these stakeholders often have differing or even conflicting points of view. What strategies and tools do you have to identify the groups with which you need to engage and to prioritize their issues?

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to assess and prioritize stakeholders by their levels of influence, urgency, and legitimacy.
  • How to track issues and stakeholders as they evolve.
  • Which tactics—such as monitoring, surveys, interviews, and focus groups—are appropriate for each stakeholder group.
  • Key principles to ensure constructive and productive engagement.
  • How to design a stakeholder policy and structure that is transparent and clear.


Start and finish on your schedule: Courses take 15-17 hours, including video content and exercises.

Module 1: Introduction and Context

  • Introduction to the course and overview of stakeholder engagement and management
  • Activity: Review a case study on stakeholder engagement

Module 2: Stakeholder Management Landscape

  • Overview of current trends and common practices in stakeholder engagement
  • Activity: Reflection questions on setting strategic objectives

Module 3: Stakeholder Identification

  • How to identify your relevant stakeholders
  • Activity: Practice identifying your company’s internal and external stakeholders

Module 4: Stakeholder Prioritization

  • How to strategically engage stakeholders based on relative urgency, legitimacy, and influence
  • Activity: Create a prioritization grid of your company’s top stakeholders and their issues

Module 5: Stakeholder Engagement

  • Prepare for the engagements, running them effectively, and conducting follow up
  • Activity: Create a stakeholder engagement plan

Module 6: Stakeholder Management

  • Move from engaging your stakeholders to actively managing the relationships in order to build and maintain trust
  • Activity: Grocery store case study

Module 7: Stakeholder Strategy

  • Overview of the benefits of and how to create a strategy for stakeholder engagement
  • Activity: Case study on setting SMART programmatic goals and objectives 

Module 8: Communications and Reporting

  • Overview of communicating and engaging with stakeholders and reporting 
  • Activity: Devise communications for 3 of your company’s salient stakeholders

Module 9: Documenting and Assessing Stakeholder Engagement

  • How to document and asses your stakeholder engagement
  • Activity: Self-assessment of your company’s stakeholder engagement

This course is for:

This program is recommended for corporate citizenship professionals developing or refreshing their company’s CSR strategy; corporate citizenship professionals developing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy or plan for a GRI G4 report; corporate citizenship professionals developing a community engagement strategy or plan for a new or emerging market; and other professionals engaging with external stakeholders in the design, development, and evaluation of programs..

Professional credentials earned:

  • 4 certificate units toward a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice (Elective Course)
  • 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Digital Recognition of Course Completion to display on your social media platforms or personal website.


  • Member: $1710.00
  • Non-Member: $2050.00

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As in all of our executive education programs, our goal is to help you know more so that you can use the assets of your business to do more and achieve more with your corporate citizenship programs—accelerating the business value you create for your company and the social value you create for us all.