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Corporate Citizenship Bootcamps


Need to master a new skill?

Our new live Bootcamps are 2.5-hour power sessions that include personalized expert instruction and interaction with corporate citizenship peers in a virtual classroom environment. Dive deep on a specific topic—from change management to unconscious bias—and walk away with concrete tools to use in your work right now.

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Communicating Benefits: Creating the Case for Support Learn actionable steps for increasing employee engagement in corporate citizenship programming.

Corporate Citizenship and Change Management Generate sustained change and lead urgent and longer-term vision initiatives.

Design for Program Impact and Measurement Enhance your ability to clearly explain and illustrate program outcomes and impacts to key stakeholders.

Develop Successful Partnerships Evaluate whether existing partnerships are meeting, or even exceeding, expectations.

Developing Effective Messages and Communicating Consistently Ensure that your communications (and communicators) stay on point and get your message across to audiences.

Elements of Strategy Locate the intersections of business strategy and corporate citizenship agendas to generate mutually beneficial value.

How to Create a Materiality Matrix Visualize the relationship between stakeholder concerns and company concerns to create a clear roadmap for corporate action.

International Action and Cooperation for Progress Learn to navigate the global landscape of ESG organizations and resources.

Program Design Part 1: Organizing for Success Learn to apply The Star Model, an organizational design tool that identifies the interactions between program design elements and an organization’s culture and performance.

Program Design Part 2: Workshop your Star Model Gather and apply the resources you are able to influence or control to achieve your vision and objectives.

Stakeholder Identification and Prioritization Gain the skills to properly identify and differentiate stakeholder groups, understand their needs, and prioritize responses relative to your company and context.

Unconscious Bias and Cultural Competence Explore how to identify unconscious bias and replace it with curiosity about ‘others’ to build cultural competence.

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