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Corporate Citizenship Bootcamps


Need to master a new skill?

Our new live Bootcamps are 2.5-hour power sessions that include personalized expert instruction and interaction with corporate citizenship peers in a virtual classroom environment. Dive deep on a specific topic—from change management to unconscious bias—and walk away with concrete tools to use in your work right now.

Sign up for Bootcamps below, which are $400 for members / $500 for non-members, with early discounts available. 


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Bootcamp | Advanced Partnerships: Collective Impact and Collabotition This session will explore successful examples and you’ll walk away with innovative ideas and inspiration for expanding your company’s partnership portfolio.

Bootcamp | Assessing Your Partnerships This session will provide an overview of a partnership assessment framework that provides tools to evaluate whether existing partnerships are meeting or exceeding expectations.

Bootcamp | Communicating Benefits: Creating the Case for Support This session will provide an easy-to-implement framework to support engagement efforts, enabling participants to leave the session with actionable next steps for increasing employee engagement in corporate citizenship programming.

Bootcamp | Design for Program Impact and Measurement In this session you will gain a deeper understanding of logic models and learn how you can use this versatile tool to enrich your corporate citizenship program planning and implementation.

Bootcamp | Developing Effective Messages and Communicating Consistently This session focuses on the fundamental principles of persuasion and influence, giving you clear science-based guidance and best practices for creating effective corporate citizenship messages.

Bootcamp | Elements of Strategy This session will explore how strategy is articulated and realized within CSR, including the essential elements of a business strategy and how they form the foundation of successful corporate citizenship strategies.

Bootcamp | How to Create a Materiality Matrix In this session, participants will learn how to undertake an ESG materiality analysis, as well as develop a materiality matrix.

Bootcamp | Program Design: Organizing for Success In this session, participants will master the Star Model to plan corporate citizenship programs and to structure and allocate resources and design processes to maximize your impact and effectiveness.

Bootcamp | Stakeholder Identification and Prioritization This session will explore stakeholder identification and prioritization, equipping participants with skills to properly identify and differentiate stakeholder groups, understand their needs, and prioritize responses relative to the larger company and context.

Bootcamp | Unconscious Bias and Cultural Competence In this session, we will explore how to identify bias, replace it with curiosity, and build cultural competence.

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