Ready Response: Employee Relief Funds, Disaster Response, and More


COVID-19 is disrupting business operations and ESG programs across the world. To support your efforts in this time of disruption, we’re rounding up relevant Center resources, news, company best practices, and research and gathering it in one place at Resource(ful).

Blog: Employee Relief Funds: Supporting your Workforce Through Hardship

As this pandemic continues, employee needs are becoming increasingly complex, and more CSR professionals than ever are reaching out to us for advice on setting up their own employee relief funds. READ MORE

Upcoming Webinars

We’re developing insight-packed webinars to share the expert content you would have received at the 2020 Conference. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. 

Conference Breakout Webinar | Connecting Employees to Purpose Through Effective Internal Communication

March 30; 3:00 pm EDT 

Hear from experts who have maximized employee engagement by involving their employees in ESG problems and by communicating results creatively. 

Conference Breakout Webinar | Constructive Collaboration with Investor Relations

April 1; 3:00 pm EDT 

Expert panelists will demonstrate how they were able to work with colleagues in investor relations to help their companies meet shareholder demands and amplify their own CSR efforts.

Conference Breakout Webinar | Sustainability Targets: Setting and Achieving Bold Goals

April 2; 12:00 pm EDT 

Learn about initiatives to help you set, track, and report on environmental goals to deliver sustainable growth now and in the future.

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Members in Action

Check out our ongoing list of how companies are responding to COVID-19.

Companies are sharing their COVID-19 response efforts directly with the Center: 

APS announced a $1 million contribution to help nonprofit agencies with their response to COVID-19. The company will immediately distribute $500,000 to the Arizona Community Foundation and different chapters of United Way throughout Arizona. These funds will support various nonprofit organizations directly assisting individuals and families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. Through collaboration with a broad range of partners from different sectors, APS will work quickly to assess how the remaining $500,000 commitment can best fill resource needs across Arizona. This additional funding may be issued from the APS Foundation.”

athenahealth is making a donation to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund through the ‘All of Us’ campaign for COVID19 response efforts. This donation is being made in honor of healthcare workers across the globe, as they truly are our ‘healthcare heroes’. athenahealth is also proud to match up to $100,000 of employee donations to the campaign.”

New Balance is temporarily closing offices, factories, and owned stores in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe, though all associates will continue to receive their regular pay and benefits. In addition, the New Balance Foundation has committed $2 million in non-profit grants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support local, regional and global communities.”

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Relevant Research

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News You Can Use

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