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The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to support you. We've gathered together resources to help you address the critical needs of your employees and communities, remain agile through disruption, and plan for future progress. Check back often, as we'll be adding updated content every day. 


Live and recorded webinars that help you navigate issues now AND plan future strategy.


Experts from the Center’s network dive into ESG topics and share practical knowledge.


Join us for live online discussions with professional peers.

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Resources by Topic

Employee Support Employees are the driving force of our organizations. These resources will help you support, engage, and retrain them now and in the future.

Corporate Giving and Volunteering Learn how you can support and help stabilize your communities while engaging employees through strategic giving and volunteering programs.

Critical Needs During times of disruption, companies can use their unique resources to help support the critical needs of vulnerable populations.

Agile Strategies By aligning your corporate citizenship programs with your business strategy, you can create business and social value in all economic contexts. In fact, research finds that companies with strong CSR benefit from insurance-like protections during crisis situations.

Nonprofit Partnerships Corporate citizenship professionals partner with nonprofits to tackle environmental, social, and governance issues more effectively than they could alone. To maximize their impact, nonprofit partnerships should be entered, managed, and sometimes exited in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

Effective Collaboration Addressing global issues requires the active involvement of a multitude of sectors and stakeholders. By evaluating every step of the value chain, and partnering strategically, companies can help overcome far-reaching challenges while taking advantage of unique opportunities.

Resource(ful) Planning: Mark Your Calendars

Live and recorded webinars that help you navigate issues now and plan future strategy. View all webinars here

Corporate Support for Military, Veterans, and Military Families WEBINAR: How are companies meeting the unique needs of military members and their families?

Responding to Crises: Agile Corporate Citizenship WEBINAR: How companies have met the 2020 challenge and how these experiences will shape corporate citizenship strategy in the future.

Committing to community mental health wellness: Blue Shield California and the Blue Sky program WEBINAR: Colleagues from Blue Shield California explore community and employee mental health wellness.

Resource(ful) Insights

Experts from the Center’s network dive into ESG topics and share practical knowledge. View all blog entries here

Employee Mental Health Wellness Study 2020 The workplace offers not only an opportunity, but a responsibility, to address mental health for the well-being of employees. This effort will build a healthier internal culture in our companies and foster a much-needed mental health movement in our communities.

Guiding students through life’s storms Blue Shield of California launched the BlueSky program to offer support for student mental health challenges and boost youth resiliency

How we expect leaders to communicate in crisis Chief executives from our member companies have led on communicating genuine public statements through the pandemic.

Member Meetups

These online video chats give corporate citizenship professionals the opportunity to hear insights from a large group and meet peers in smaller breakouts, exploring the issues that are of greatest interest to you right now. Members, no matter what stage you are at in your corporate citizenship journey, please join us.

Planning Ahead for Annual Employee Volunteer Events Whether you are finishing your plans or just getting started, this meetup will be a chance to talk about engaging employees in your corporate citizenship efforts.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Practical Steps Toward Inclusion and Diversity How are you reaching employees and communities through these partnerships? Gather with your peers to discuss best practices and lessons learned from these internal partnerships.

Workplace Giving: Sharing Best Practices When Asking Employees to Give At this member meetup, we will talk through these questions and more as we learn from each other how to run an effective workplace-giving program.

Recent Member Meetup Recaps


Corporate Giving in 2020: What We've Learned and What's Next

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to discuss how philanthropy initiatives have changed and how companies are engaging remote employees in giving campaigns.


Get Out the Vote: Encouraging Civic Engagement

What steps is your company taking to encourage civic engagement for employees and community partners?


Back to School: Employee and Community Support

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share the internal and external support they are offering during this back to school season, and how they are supporting educational needs in the classroom and in your workplace.


Virtual Volunteering: What's Next?

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share how their companies are planning for remote work and virtual volunteering moving forward and how they will keep employees involved—through team building exercises, family events, volunteer weeks, or other options.


"I love how you’ve structured these meetups. And what great attendance! ... I have made several connections with new colleagues that I did not know as a result of this call."


Check back often to learn about Member Meetups on topics relevant to your work. In the meantime, be sure to check out our online member community, which offers a secure, supportive environment to connect and collaborate with hundreds of CSR peers. Now, corporate citizenship practitioners are sharing how they're adapting in response to COVID-19. 

To provide a safe space for frank discussion, our online community is open to Center members only, however we'll be sharing anonymous key takeaways and best practices on our blog to benefit all at this time. To learn more about how you can participate in the full discussions and access other key member benefits, visit our Become a Member page.