Ready Response: Digital Volunteering, Free Learning Opportunities, and More

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COVID-19 is disrupting business operations and ESG programs across the world. To support your efforts in this time of disruption, we’re rounding up relevant Center resources, news, company best practices, and research and gathering it in one place at Resource(ful).

Blog: Engaging employees through digital volunteering

Here is some practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your community of employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community. READ MORE

Upcoming Webinars

We’re developing insight-packed webinars to share the expert content you would have received at the 2020 Conference. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. 

Conference Breakout Webinar | Connecting Employees to Purpose Through Effective Internal Communication

March 30; 3:00 pm EDT 

Hear from experts who have maximized employee engagement by involving their employees in ESG problems and by communicating results creatively. 

Conference Breakout Webinar | Constructive Collaboration with Investor Relations

April 1; 3:00 pm EDT 

Expert panelists will demonstrate how they were able to work with colleagues in investor relations to help their companies meet shareholder demands and amplify their own CSR efforts.

Conference Breakout Webinar | Sustainability Targets: Setting and Achieving Bold Goals

April 2; 12:00 pm EDT 

Learn about initiatives to help you set, track, and report on environmental goals to deliver sustainable growth now and in the future.

Check out all of our upcoming webinars.

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Members in Action

Check out our ongoing list of how companies are responding to COVID-19.

Companies are sharing their COVID-19 response efforts directly with the Center: 

“The Consumers Energy Foundation is supporting two statewide organizations (The Food Bank Council of Michigan and the Michigan Association of United Ways) with a $500,000 contribution to help enhance critical services for Michigan children, vulnerable seniors and those who may need assistance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“TELUS and its TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has announced a $10 million commitment to help urgently support and enhance public healthcare capacity and community response across Canada. This new funding will go toward purchasing new medical technology and equipment, such as ventilators, as well as increased support for food security, outreach to isolated seniors, virtual education programs, and mental health initiatives.”

How is your company responding to COVID-19? Let us know by contacting us at

Emerging Regulations

As the Senate deliberates on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) ACT, the public and private sectors—including companies such as UPS—are advocating for provisions for nonprofits so they can continue to serve vulnerable populations during and after the pandemic. READ MORE

Relevant Research

Employee Volunteer Programs Issue Brief

This quick read arms you with the data you need to make the case for volunteering now, and plan for more strategic programs in the future. READ MORE

Want to increase employee volunteerism? 

Communicate both professional and societal benefits—people are motivated by a variety of reasons. READ MORE

News You Can Use

How volunteers from tech companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google built a coronavirus-tracking site in six days

In the last week, a group of thirty volunteers from tech companies put together a website called “covidnearyou” that aims to track the coronavirus as it spreads. CNBC

Traffic and Pollution Plummet as U.S. Cities Shut Down for Coronavirus

A satellite that detects emissions in the atmosphere linked to cars and trucks shows huge declines in pollution over major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. New York Times


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