For effective corporate citizenship management, hone your skills for integration


Managing and implementing corporate citizenship requires a comprehensive approach that integrates your company’s strategy. The State of Corporate Citizenship 2020 provides evidence to support that when companies integrate corporate citizenship with business strategy—they are more likely to achieve strategic goals such as reducing employee turnover and improving customer retention. 

As a corporate citizenship professional, you have the power to influence the implementation of corporate citizenship across your organization. While it might be hard to know where to begin, this is a problem that can be solved with good planning and diligent management. 

The Corporate Citizenship Management Intensive is a five-day certificate program that will provide you with the strategic, organizational, evaluation, and communication tools and skills needed to advance well-designed corporate citizenship that will support the strategic goals of your company’s business strategy.            

Grounded in business management skills, you will learn the scope of management responsibility associated with corporate citizenship, the principles of change management applied to corporate citizenship practices, and stakeholder salience and materiality assessment. With instruction led by faculty from the Carroll School of Management and other experts in the field, you will become adept at creating meaningful performance goals, assessing reporting standards and frameworks, and developing effective messaging.

When reflecting on the Corporate Citizenship Management Intensive, Catherine McGlown of Humana valued the blending of learning and networking she experienced throughout the week. “I was able to gain a lot of insights not only from the formal lessons, but from the other people who participated in the intensive,” said McGlown. 

Fellow Management Intensive alumna Jacqueline Howard of Ally Financial added that the program set the groundwork for elevating her company’s strategy and her career. “I needed to just get the basics and learn some of the rigor behind what we do, and that training helped me to get the foundation that really has led me to where I am now,” said Howard. “Since then, I have grown in the company and now we’re in a place where we can seriously look at strategy… That seed was planted, for me, through that intensive training.”

McGlown, Howard, and all participants who have completed the program were awarded a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship under the Carroll School of Management.

Are you ready to earn your certificate? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable corporate citizenship management skills and development. Register today for the Management Intensive in Boston, MA on March 2-6.