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Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management

Earn Your Certificate This Spring at BCCCC's "Management Intensive"

March 6-10, 2023 | Boston, MA | Boston College, Carroll School of Management


One Week of Inspiring, Interactive Learning for CSR Managers

Managing and implementing corporate citizenship requires a comprehensive approach that is integrated into your company’s strategy and grounded in business management principles. Created for managers responsible for executing corporate citizenship, the Corporate Citizenship Management Intensive is a five-day certificate program that will provide you with the strategic, organizational, evaluation, and communication tools and skills needed to advance good corporate citizenship performance throughout your company.

The Management Intensive is held on the campus of Boston College with instruction by faculty from the Carroll School of Management and other experts in the field.

Participants who complete the program are awarded a certificate in corporate citizenship management from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship under the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

Step Away from Your Desk for One Week and Earn Your Certification

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Join the 2023 CSR Management Certificate cohort and learn:

Please note that while exploring the following concepts, you'll be referring back to your own current projects and goals, all throughout the week:

  • The scope of management responsibility associated with corporate citizenship.
  • Principles of change management applied to the development and execution of corporate citizenship practices.
  • Stakeholder salience and materiality assessment.
  • How to create meaningful corporate citizenship performance goals.
  • How to assess and evaluate reporting standards and frameworks.
  • How to develop effective corporate citizenship messaging.

Who should attend this certificate program?

This CSR management certificate program is designed for professionals who are leading or substantially contributing to the development or advancement of corporate citizenship; participants typically work within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/CR), Sustainability, Corporate Citizenship, Community Involvement, Public Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) functional units.

If you're interested, but have questions about what's involved or who typically attends this program , please don't hesitate to contact our team: or 617.552.4545.


Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Management Intensive Program Cost, Spring 2023

Member Rate: $6,495

Nonmember Rate: $7,595

Enroll by January 20, 2023 and save $550. Enroll by February 3, 2023 and save $500.

What Do Past Attendees Say about This Program?

Watch the video below and/or contact us for details! Ask Us Your Questions

"I gained a lot of insight, not only from the formal lessons, but from the other people [in my cohort]."

-Catherine McGlown, Vice President, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at MetaBank

"It's like a mini MBA in one week..."

-Bridget Burke, Director of Public Affairs, Investments & Reporting, Health Care Service Corporation