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The enhanced design of grants CSR professionals the ability to achieve more by providing quick access to a wealth of information—including tools, resources, and educational opportunities—curated to help identify and address sustainable business challenges, drive transparency,  inspire new ideas, and solve problems. One of the great benefits of our enhanced, mobile-friendly site is that it’s now much easier to browse through and take advantage of the in-person and online classes featured in the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s extensive executive education catalog.

The new allows users to seamlessly explore all of the Center’s learning tools to determine the kind of learning they want to engage in, whether it be general coursework, classes geared toward a specific certificate, or customizable onsite training developed with a unique company or project in mind.



Thanks to the intuitive design of, those interested in our coursework will see that classes are organized by corporate citizenship topic—from business strategy to engaging employees—allowing potential enrollees to explore the dates and locations of classes-of-interest, while also being able to determine whether the course is offered as part of our ever-expanding online curriculum. Further, members can see the enroll-by dates that offer the best discount to participating members.



At the Center we recognize that if we help you to Know More, you can use the assets of your business to Do More and Achieve More with your corporate citizenship programs—accelerating the business value that you create for your company and the social value you create for us all. The new is our latest effort to help you to effectively and easily deep dive into the emerging issues, current research, and educational opportunities that will position you to grow as a corporate citizenship professional and as a leader in the field.

Ready to advance your professional development to Know More, Do More & Achieve More in corporate citizenship? 

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