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Delivered twice monthly via email, Research Briefs is a digital summary of recent or seminal research from corporate practice and academic study, offering knowledge and tools you can apply directly to your work. Executives love stories and they need facts. These studies can help you create the best business case for your programs.

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Communications tone can reflect a firm’s likelihood to discriminate

RESEARCH BRIEF - A company that emphasizes performance without indicating expectations for culture in its corporate communications is more likely than firm that emphasizes long-term growth to have managers who may discriminate.


When do appointments of corporate sustainability executives affect shareholder value?

RESEARCH BRIEF - Under certain conditions, the appointment of a corporate sustainability executive can positively impact a firm’s financial and operating performance.


Companies with a strong corporate citizenship reputation may avoid brand damage during crisis

RESEARCH BRIEF - When consumers perceive a company facing a reputational crisis to be acting in its own self-interest, they are more likely to have negative feelings toward the brand and recommend that others do not use its products.


Consumer and regulatory pressures can improve corporate environmental practices—if the culture is right

RESEARCH BRIEF - The extent to which pressure from consumers and regulators impact environmental product and process innovations depends on the culture of the company.


Consistent policies encourage an ethical corporate culture

RESEARCH BRIEF - Consistently embedding the importance of ethical behavior into all company policies and procedures (e.g., recruitment, training, and compensation) can reduce the risk of unethical behavior by employees across those and other areas.


Corporate apologies are more effective when made by an individual

RESEARCH BRIEF - When faced with a corporate reputational crisis, consumers are more likely to accept an apology that comes from a single person, especially the CEO.


The act of using an environmentally friendly product improves satisfaction with the product

RESEARCH BRIEF - Using an environmentally friendly product enhances a consumer’s enjoyment and satisfaction when compared to using conventional products.


Strong corporate citizenship performance linked to increased profitability, innovation, and firm value

RESEARCH BRIEF - Companies with higher corporate citizenship scores invest more efficiently, are more innovative, and improve their financial performance and value.


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