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Delivered twice monthly via email, Research Briefs is a digital summary of recent or seminal research from corporate practice and academic study, offering knowledge and tools you can apply directly to your work. Executives love stories and they need facts. These studies can help you create the best business case for your programs.

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higher csr score less likely to default

Implications of Legal, Cultural & Governance Factors on Corporate Climate Commitment

RESEARCH BRIEF - The purpose of this study was to understand how a country's culture and legal system, as well as internal governance mechanisms, influence a company's commitment to addressing climate change.

esg disclosure benchmarks for companies

Does more robust ESG disclosure reduce a firm's future earnings risk?

RESEARCH BRIEF - To investigate the relationship between ESG disclosure and future earnings risk, researchers studied disclosure scores and analyst forecast data for 1,004 S&P Global 1200 firms

new laws in us salary requirements

Increasing minimum wage benefits employees, productivity

RESEARCH BRIEF - Researchers observed the effect of the minimum wage on worker productivity and well-being among more than 40,000 salespeople whose pay is partly based on performance.

mentoring diverse employees - 1

Create advantage in the war for talent: Promote diversity during job recruitment

RESEARCH BRIEF - Active job seekers were asked to measure the impact of public acknowledgment of diversity practices in recruitment of both LGBTQ jobseekers and non-LGBTQ prospects.

esg scores - 1

Do ESG scores play a role in a firm's market value?

RESEARCH BRIEF - This study observed market value of ~200 firms from 2002 to 2021. Researchers looked at the firms’ overall ESG scores and scores for each of ESG’s three pillars: environmental, social, and governance...

CA board diversity law

Will a higher ratio of women board members improve ESG performance?

RESEARCH BRIEF - To examine the relationship between women board directors and corporate social performance including how national culture may affect this relationship—researchers looked at nearly 3,200 public firms across 38 countries over 7 years.

charitable giving strategy - 1

Want to increase donations? Pick a number...

RESEARCH BRIEF - Researchers examined how varying the way in which donations are solicited (e.g., requesting a specific amount vs. requesting an open-ended donation) affects donation amount and total number of donations.

climate risk disclosure - 1

Climate risk disclosure and institutional investors

RESEARCH BRIEF - In this study, researchers focused on three groups of institutional investors with higher disclosure demand, which they deemed “climate-conscious investors.”


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