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Delivered twice monthly via email, Research Briefs is a digital summary of recent or seminal research from corporate practice and academic study, offering knowledge and tools you can apply directly to your work. Executives love stories and they need facts. These studies can help you create the best business case for your programs.

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Corporate citizenship as an indicator of financial audit quality

RESEARCH BRIEF - Firms that are more socially responsible are more likely to demand high-quality audits.


How global companies adapt CSR when acquiring firms in the US

Home country cultural norms may enable or discourage the CSR performance of a global company that acquires a U.S. company. Overall, while CSR performance tends to improve, this change is stronger for firms that started off with lower CSR performance.


Framing the donation: purchase intent and cause marketing campaigns

Adjust the framing of your cause commitments to maximize consumer goodwill.


Greenwashing dampens employee engagement in CSR activities

RESEARCH BRIEF - When company actions differ from stated values, employee engagement in CSR activities is negatively impacted—especially for employees that consider their work meaningful.

CSR Investment and Firm Risk

CSR investment and firm risk: influence of company and country-level factors

RESEARCH BRIEF - CSR investment can lead to a reduction in firm’s systematic risk if the investment is meaningful. The impact of CSR on firm risk is also affected by country-level factors, including national CSR and the legal environment.


Support for work-life balance may be especially important for LGBTQ+ employees who experience work/life identify conflicts

RESEARCH BRIEF - For lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees who feel conflict between their work and home lives, having supportive managers who understand their outside responsibilities and views can increase job satisfaction.


More women on boards: How increased representation can improve performance

RESEARCH BRIEF - Increased representation of women on a board can affect a company’s financial bottom line positively through improved CSR performance, and this impact is stronger for innovative companies.


Higher ESG ratings can buffer against losses during crisis-driven market downturns

RESEARCH BRIEF - Firms with better environmental and social performance had higher stock returns, lower stock volatility, and higher operating profit margins during the pandemic stock market contraction in the first quarter of 2020.


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