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Yes! It DOES pay to be good

RESEARCH BRIEF - Researchers overwhelmingly found that social performance positively influences corporate financial performance.


Gender-diverse boards positively linked with environmental innovation

RESEARCH BRIEF - Board-level gender diversity is positively linked with environmental innovation and this impact is particularly pronounced in those firms with particularly tight margins or environmentally sensitive industries.


Does superior CSR performance lead to lower bank costs? How national culture plays a role

RESEARCH BRIEF - Companies with superior CSR performance are especially likely to be rewarded by banks with lower loan costs in countries with national cultural values that promote social equality and harmony between natural and social environments.


Corporate citizenship can lead to customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty

RESEARCH BRIEF - Companies that engage in economic, environmental, and cultural activities see an increase in consumers’ positive associations with their brands. Brand image is positively related to customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.


Proactive management of human rights risk is a competitive advantage for firms that plan ahead

RESEARCH BRIEF - Firms with a track record of addressing slavery risk, especially for firms that face high exposure to slave labor by virtue of their operating environments were rewarded by investors with positive abnormal returns.


Women in top executive positions linked to better financial performance after industry crisis

RESEARCH BRIEF - Evidence from the banking industry suggests that firms with women at top executive levels are associated with better lending performance and lower default risk.


Communicating CSR—especially responsible business practices—can influence consumer purchase decisions

RESEARCH BRIEF - Consumers who learn about a brand’s environmental or social initiatives at point-of-sale are more likely to purchase its products. This effect is even more pronounced when the messaging focuses on responsible business practices and operations.


What makes a global company more likely to disclose environmental data?

RESEARCH BRIEF - Multinational corporations with more independent directors on their boards are more likely to make environmental disclosures, but this relationship is impacted by the national cultural context.


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