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Corporate Foundation and Board Governance


Ensure your corporate foundation is structured for success.

Foundations have long been an effective, popular vehicle for distributing corporate philanthropy; they enable companies to more easily give internationally, distribute scholarships and grants to individuals, and can be set up to endow corporate philanthropy to stabilize giving over time. Foundations are also administrative commitments which have legal and reputational ramifications for the company as well as the board of directors of the foundation.

In this mini-course, you will learn:

  • How to develop the documentation you need to establish and administer a foundation.
  • Proper roles and requirements of the foundation's board of directors.
  • Best-practice approaches to ensure that your foundation is set up to achieve its strategic objectives.


The Foundation and Board Governance course pack includes:

Two 1-Hour Webinars

  • Part 1: Corporate Foundation Board Member Basics
  • Part 2: Corporate Foundation Process Basics

These webinars will help new board members or corporate citizenship professionals get up to speed on the duties, required documentation, responsibilities (legal and reputational), processes, and activities of a foundation.

The Foundation and Board Member Resource Document
This contains template process and policy documents, including an example Foundation Charter, Articles of Incorporation, Conflict of Interest Policies, a glossary of important terms, and grant/gift guidelines. 

Access to Center Support
Our Canvas learning environment is fully supported and monitored by Center staff, who are available to answer questions and engage directly with course participants throughout their learning process.

A Network of Fellow Learners
Participants can post and respond to discussion questions with other course participants and get feedback from practitioners. 



  • Member: $860
  • Non-Member: $1,025

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