Corporate citizenship professionals must be full-time learners


“I am always doing that which I [think that I] cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

-Pablo Picasso

Learn By Doing

As the world has changed this past year, corporate citizenship professionals have followed in the steps of Picasso and taken the missive to “learn by doing” to heart. Working in a constantly evolving field means that you—like Picasso—have been a lifelong learner from the start, using your insights about the importance to business of environmental, social, and governance issues to see around corners and anticipate the pressing issues that your companies will be called upon to address. 

Few could predict the events of the past year. Corporate citizenship professionals responded to the volatility we all experienced with grace and agility. Meeting the moment, you listened thoughtfully to stakeholders across your companies and communities, and used their feedback to inform your impressive response to the pandemic and efforts to achieve equity and inclusion. 

Spring Issue of the Corporate Citizen

With this in mind, we’re excited to present you with the Spring 2021 issue of the Corporate Citizen, where you will find examples of corporate citizenship programs at all stages of development. From Liberty Mutual addressing youth homelessness through community listening, to the evolution of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at Nasdaq and Lowe’s. 

We are also pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to our upcoming Executive Education programs, starting on Page 21, which includes learning opportunities for all kinds of learners in a variety of formats. Willing and able to travel and meet in-person next year? Can’t travel yet, but still want to take advantage of networking opportunities in the short term? Rather work independently on your own schedule? We have options for every learner on every budget. Start with the handy flowchart on Page 4 if you’re not sure where to begin. 

Speaking of learning through change, the issue marks our first ever completely virtual International Corporate Citizenship Conference, which we held last week on April 26-28. This year’s conference theme was Inclusive Corporate Citizenship, exploring how businesses are leading the charge to create a more just and inclusive world for us all—people of every gender identity, race, ethnicity, faith, and ability. I’m delighted to report that attendees took advantage of the moment to learn from our inspiring keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, and each other in networking sessions that took place on our state-of-the-art event platform. 

If we did not get a chance to connect at the conference, I hope to see you soon participating in one of our Executive Education programs, especially our recently announced Accelerated Certificate Summit. Remember, in a profession that requires continuous learning, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help you every step of the way!