Adaptability: Your Crucial Capability


“Nothing will work unless you do.”

– Maya Angelou

Throughout my 10 years as executive director here at the Center for Corporate Citizenship, I have often written and spoken about the resilience of CSR professionals. Time and again, I am im­pressed by our members’ abilities to pass through disruptions, lead through change and changing con­texts, and create programs to ensure the success of our companies and our communities.

Now more than ever agility and adaptability are crucial capabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have widened inequalities. Reopening plans are filled with uncertainty, and pressure to both reinvigorate production and keep environmental impacts low continue to be pursued urgently—even while these goals may be in conflict. These and countless other examples are giving us the unique opportunity to rethink how we want to rebuild our communities, our economies, and our world.

Corporate citizenship professionals have an essential part to play in elevating discus­sions of equity and inclusion, of sustainabil­ity, and of responsibility to our communities as part of our “new normal” that works for all stakeholders. Your work has never been more important. Our recent challenges have provided ample opportunity for you to show your skill and value as you have pivoted philanthropic programs to support pressing issues; revamped volunteer programs to support remote employees; and piloted courageous conversations about race in partnership with colleagues and community partners. You are proving the value of your work in our rapidly evolving context every day.

This week, we published Issue 33 of our quarterly magazine, the Corporate Citizen. In this issue, we are highlighting just some of the impor­tant work that you have been doing. Click through to read on about the robust, enterprise-wide inclusion and diversity program at Wells Fargo, and Toyota’s bold goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You will also learn about corporate efforts to take action in response to the pandemic and racial inequality, and encounter a special edition of the Corner Office featuring CEO responses to crises.

As you march forward, keep doing the work, keep innovating, and keep pushing for “better.” And remember—the Center for Corporate Citizenship is here with con­stantly updated research and tools, reimag­ined peer networking opportunities, and more resources to help you remain nimble and responsive to whatever comes your way.