Ready Response: Live Webinar, Employee Mental Health, and More


COVID-19 is disrupting business operations and ESG programs across the world. To support your efforts in this time of disruption, we’re rounding up relevant Center resources, news, company best practices, and research and gathering it in one place at Resource(ful).

Blog: Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

As corporate citizenship professionals, your efforts can mitigate some of the stress coming from our current isolation. READ MORE

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During this insightful live webinar, Corporate Citizenship: The Bigger Picture, experts from leading companies will explore the questions we should be asking ourselves now in order to make the greatest possible impact with our corporate citizenship commitments. REGISTER

The Corporate Citizen: Explore New Perspectives

Our new issue of The Corporate Citizen features resilient companies that have adapted their corporate citizenship programs to address complex issues such as economic inequality, natural disasters, and COVID-19. Read Magazine

Members in Action

Check out our ongoing list of how companies are responding to COVID-19.

CBRE Group, Inc. has launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support community and employee needs around the world. The campaign will raise a minimum of $15 million, with a foundational donation from the company of $10 million, plus an employee contribution program. The company will match employee contributions at a dollar-for-dollar rate or greater, if necessary, to meet the $15 million minimum.

LyondellBasell announced a $1.3 million donation to support the COVID-19 response efforts of the Global FoodBanking Network and United States local food banks. LyondellBasell's donation will support food banks in 17 countries and communities where the company has major operations.

The UPS Foundation has allocated $15 million to U.S. community organizations and worldwide non-profits to aid communities impacted by the novel Coronavirus and support non-profits fulfilling their missions now and into the recovery phase. The grants include an initial $1 million directed toward urgent and immediate relief in the United States, including delivering life-sustaining healthcare supplies, providing essential food, supporting education, and sustaining financial security.

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Relevant Research

Issue Brief: Engaging Employees through Remote Volunteering

Here is some practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community. READ MORE

Research Brief: The Benefits of CSR During a Crisis

In times of economic instability, strong corporate citizenship helps mitigate risk and positively impacts stock performance. READ MORE

News You Can Use

Here’s how coronavirus could raise cities’ risk for climate disasters

The economic toll of coronavirus is forcing cities and states to redirect money away from projects that provide climate resilience, in a shift that threatens to tackle one crisis at the expense of another. Officials in San Francisco, Miami Beach, and New York City have said they will have to delay climate-related projects because of the virus. The impact on green projects comes at a time when the cost of natural disasters continues to rise. New York Times

Amid coronavirus pandemic, US philanthropy surges

Large charitable gifts from corporations, foundations, and individuals, including faith-based and other sources, hit $7.8 billion worldwide last week—an amount that far exceeds records set after other disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. Many believe these charitable acts will continue for months to come. The influx of charitable gifts also highlights inequalities in the U.S., underscoring how dependent social organizations are on wealthy donors. LA Times