The key to leadership is learning


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

As a corporate citizenship professional, you are a leader. As corporate citizenship becomes better understood as a means by which companies can differentiate themselves and meet business goals, your leadership—even if you don’t sit at the top of the organization—is critical to your company’s success in achieving its purpose.

You may be tasked with developing an employee volunteer program that tracks measurable employee wellness and health care cost-reduction goals. You may be asked to set science-based targets to reduce your environmental impact, or partner with human resources to create programs that make all employees feel accepted and valued. Increasingly, you may be asked to help develop a corporate response to a broad social issue such as immigration reform, climate change, or gun control—on the fly and in the midst of public debate.

The evolution of social and environmental corporate investments from the periphery of company concerns to the center is important if we are to create not only the world in which we want to do business but also the world in which we want to live. Our future prosperity and sustainability depend on continuous learning.

At the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, we provide you with the tools and expert insights you need to lead your programs and your companies to success. Our four certificates are tailored to provide actionable resources for different career stages.

Over the years, we have been working to offer these programs in a variety of formats—from week-long intensives to single courses offered in-person and across the country, to online courses that allow you to complete your work in your pajamas and at your own pace. Now, we’re happy to offer our most popular certificate—The Certificate of Corporate Citizenship Practice—in an Accelerated Certificate Summit that combines the best aspects of our in-person courses with the flexibility of online options. This Summit offers plentiful opportunities to network with colleagues as well.

Those that join us in January for this week-long event will be able to earn their Certificate in half the time out of the office, and at less than half the cost of our traditional certificate path, with online coursework supplementing the shorter in-person program. The Summit is created to be as flexible as possible, enabling participants to select from multiple courses each day, and allowing for partial-week attendance to suit every schedule.

You can learn more about our courses for individuals and company-wide training programs here on our website, and in our most recent issue of The Corporate Citizen. Through these offerings and others, we at the Center will continue to help you navigate your own leadership path as you deliver the business and social value needed for a sustainable and prosperous future.