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CSR and ESG Infographics

If you are working in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and you could use a quick explainer on a specific topic, look no further than our CSR and ESG infographics library below. These super handy graphics were all designed and curated by our team of CSR researchers. They make great tools for new employee onboarding, team trainings, presentations, or even for use as desk reference materials. For your convenience we have converted each CSR/ESG infographic into a PDF you can download and share. (And we hope you will share them, along with a mention for @BCCCC, of course.) Enjoy!

ESG Reporting Tools

"Alphabet Soup of ESG Reporting"

Corporate citizenship professionals are confronted with a wide array of ESG reporting tools. Start off by differentiating between the big six below, to help you manage your sustainability programs.


Need a visual aid to understand ESG reporting tools?

Borrow ours! Hang a copy by your desk. Download the Infographic

Benefits of DEI

"Communicating the Value of Diversity and Inclusion"

The business benefits of DEI are numerous. Corporate citizenship professionals play a key role in communicating them, while promoting diverse and inclusive practices across their companies. By partnering with other business units, they can support employee resource groups (ERGs), mentorship programs, and other initiatives that foster the connection, development, and advancement of underrepresented groups.

Need to outline the benefits of DEI programs?

Use this list to get you started. Download the Infographic

Benefits of Sustainability Reporting

"The Value of Sustainability Reporting"

The benefits of sustainability reporting are hard to ignore. Investing in sustainability reporting has the potential to increase financial performance, attract new customers and investors, engage employees, increase innovation, and give companies a competitive advantage.


Why do smart companies invest in sustainability reporting?

Eventually, every company may have to. Whether or not it's required, here's why it's worth it. Download the Infographic

Supporting the Military

Conversation Starters

Research shows that implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies and procedures contributes to an inclusive corporate culture that engages underrepresented employees. This includes veterans and military families.

Discover ways to start a dialogue across your company

From Supply Chain and HR to DEI, Marketing, and the C-Suite Download the Infographic

ESG Business Strategy

"Effective CSR Is Not One Size Fits All"

What's your ESG business strategy? The data from the The State of Corporate Citizenship 2020 suggest that executives understand that well-designed and effectively executed corporate citizenship both helps to accomplish business results and create social value. This cartoon infographic by illustrator Stephen Collins demonstrates how integrating an effective ESG business strategy plays out when one company faces an unexpected crisis.


How do companies create an ESG business strategy?

You might appreciate this example... Download the Infographic

Corporate Citizenship Programs in Times of Crisis

"From Survive to Thrive: Maintaining Resilience to Succeed"

Well-designed corporate citizenship programs should cultivate the organizational resilience required to weather adverse events. Here are four critical practices to help any company pass through disruptions and continue to thrive.

Your corporate citizenship program is key in times of crisis.

Follow these steps to stay CSR-fortified. Download the Infographic

The Virtuous Cycle of Community Involvement and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an essential driver of both community involvement and business success. Companies increasingly view community initiatives as a strategic investment in recruitment and retention: When employees participate in volunteer or workplace giving programs, they not only give back to their community on the company’s behalf, but also are more likely to feel committed to their organization.

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Summit to New Career Levels

As the field of corporate citizenship expands, so does the need for in-depth knowledge. The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s research reveals corporate citizenship professionals are investing in professional development relating directly to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions of business. No matter where you are in your career, the Center has a path to help you achieve your goals.

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The Employee Effect

When employees are engaged, turnover rates are low, and workplace productivity is high. Research finds that strategic corporate citizenship efforts play a role in increasing engagement: When employees perceive a company to have strong corporate citizenship performance, they have greater commitment and pride—and ultimately stronger job performance. Employee, community, and environmental dimensions—as well as visible communication—have the strongest relationship with performance.

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Corporate Citizenship Profession

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s (BCCCC) Profile of the Professionals 2018 offers the insights to help you create a blueprint for your future career path. As you navigate your own professional journey, we will continue to offer the research, education, and tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Corporate Citizenship Across the Value Chain

A value chain is the full range of activities that businesses go through to bring a product or service from conception to delivery. Whether your company is sourcing materials, designing environmental initiatives, or navigating global labor standards, the best way to ensure that corporate citizenship adds the greatest possible value and meets the needs of the communities in which you operate is by understanding your value chain.

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Know More. Do More. Achieve More.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, based in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, combines the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution in one valuable network.

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Adaptation and Resilience

By connecting the assets of business to social and environmental domains, corporate citizenship professionals maintain the equilibrium of their unique ecosystems to ensure the success of their companies and the health of our world.

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Community Involvement

Corporate investments in employee volunteering and corporate giving efforts—the major dimensions of community involvement—are yielding positive results for both companies and the communities they serve. Corporate citizenship professionals are maximizing these impacts with strategic programs that engage and recognize their employees.

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Diversity & Inclusion and Corporate Citizenship

Diversity is about differences. Inclusion is the way these differences are harnessed and brought together to reap the greatest possible value—for companies and society, and for individuals. Inclusive environments respect and facilitate connections, making it possible for people to apply their diverse attributes and capabilities toward a common goal.

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30 Years of Corporate Citizenship

Since 1985, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has been helping organizations align corporate citizenship objectives and business goals to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. See how far we've come.

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