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Corporate Citizenship Infographics

Corporate Citizenship Ecosystems

By connecting the assets of business to social and environmental domains, corporate citizenship professionals maintain the equilibrium of their unique ecosystems to ensure the success of their companies and the health of our world.

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Benefits of Membership

The knowledge assets and resources the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship provides its members combine the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution.

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State of Corporate Citizenship 2017

Executives have outlined a clear regimen for success. By selecting causes relevant to their operating context, integrating corporate citizenship efforts with business strategy, and investing in corporate citizenship efforts over the long term, companies are delivering value to business and society.

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The Value of Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship facilitates the connections that bring benefits to business and society. By developing a comprehensive corporate citizenship strategy that addresses the environmental, social, and governance aspects of business, CSR professionals can achieve key business goals that strengthen the triple bottom line.

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Stakeholder Value Flow

Corporate citizenship practices offer business and social value. In this visualization, the factors that deliver greater business value are represented with blue arrows, while those with more yellow indicate greater social value.

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Community Involvement

Corporate investments in employee volunteering and corporate giving efforts—the major dimensions of community involvement—are yielding positive results for both companies and the communities they serve. Corporate citizenship professionals are maximizing these impacts with strategic programs that engage and recognize their employees.

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Diversity & Inclusion and Corporate Citizenship

Diversity is about differences. Inclusion is the way these differences are harnessed and brought together to reap the greatest possible value—for companies and society, and for individuals. Inclusive environments respect and facilitate connections, making it possible for people to apply their diverse attributes and capabilities toward a common goal.

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30 Years of Corporate Citizenship

Since 1985, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has been helping organizations align corporate citizenship objectives and business goals to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. See how far we've come.

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