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Diversity & Inclusion

ISSUE BRIEF - Companies are not only seeking to achieve the business benefits that are associated with diverse employee populations and successful inclusion programs, but are also working to effect positive social change to ensure the future growth of both the national and global economy.

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Sustainable Supply Chains

ISSUE BRIEF - While the risks and opportunities present in a company’s supply chain can range widely, there is a great benefit to dedicating time, resources, and attention to thoroughly evaluating the intricacies of a supply chain to determine how it can enhance a company’s corporate citizenship.

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Community Involvement Study 2019: Fast Facts

ISSUE BRIEF - Read the Community Involvement Study 2019 appendix to benchmark your community KPIs.

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Employee Volunteer Programs

A strong EVP helps to increase organizational commitment, boost productivity, and retain workers — while contributing to the achievement of a firm’s social and environmental goals.

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State of Corporate Citizenship 2020 Infographic

Corporate citizenship success requires the active involvement of all parts of the business. In this infographic, follow Betty—a CSR leader—as she mobilizes a cross-functional team to deliver business and social value.

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Engaging Employees through Remote Volunteering

Practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your remote employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community.

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Making the Business Case for Corporate Citizenship

ISSUE BRIEF - This resource supports the well-documented empirical relationship between good corporate citizenship performance and positive financial performance.

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Employee Relief Funds

In times of crisis, employees may need additional financial support to help them overcome acute periods of hardship.

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Target SAFE Retail

Target SAFE Retail Kit: Considerations for Retail Operations Post COVID-19

Target offers its learnings as a resource for others that may be thinking about how to operate retail locations differently for some time into the future.

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Communicating Corporate Citizenship to Employees

Clear internal communication is a foundational component of delivering on the business value of corporate citizenship.

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Employee Engagement and Corporate Citizenship

ISSUE BRIEF - By engaging employees in CSR work like community volunteering and corporate giving, your company can derive a variety of benefits, including: greater productivity, improved reputation, increased employee retention, and lower cost of recruiting.

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs)—sometimes known as business network groups, affinity groups, or diversity groups—help to build a sense of community within a company and can serve as a resource for employees who share similar backgrounds or experiences.

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