Understanding the executive perspectives for success

At the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, we have been busy finishing the analysis of our 2017 study on the executive perspectives about corporate citizenship, and expect the final report to be released in January 2017.

The Center has been surveying executives and reporting on the role of corporate citizenship in achieving business success in our State of Corporate Citizenship study since 2003. Over the past 14 years, much has changed. The global economy has recovered from two historic recessions, markets have become increasingly connected and electronic, and the threat of climate change has come to the forefront of popular consciousness.


Our 2017 State of Corporate Citizenship study reveals that executives understand the vital role that corporate citizenship plays in addressing these challenges and making the most of their attendant opportunities. The report finds that the majority of executives report that their companies experience greater business success when corporate citizenship is integrated into business strategy. Key factors for success are selecting issues that make sense to their people and that make the best possible use of their know-how and other resources and, investing over the long term. In fact, the majority of executive respondents expect resources to increase for every listed corporate citizenship dimension over the next three years, at even greater numbers that in the 2014 study (see Figure A).

In leading companies, corporate citizenship professionals are building on the positive findings outlined in the 2017 State of Corporate Citizenship study, and are achieving key business goals by addressing issues that align with their operating contexts, integrating their efforts into business strategy, and investing over the long term. Members can check out a webinar on demand to hear from Jennifer Leitsch, director of corporate responsibility at CBRE, and Bridget Burke, director of public affairs at Health Care Services, and to learn key findings from the report. Not a member? Learn more about how the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship can help you get the most from your programs by calling 617 552 4545 or emailing ccc@bc.edu.