The many benefits of membership to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship was established with a clear and simple goal: to serve corporate citizenship professionals seeking information and insights that will help their companies achieve maximum business and social value from environmental, social, and governance investments. 

To achieve that mission, we help our members stay abreast not only of the guidelines, innovations, challenges, and opportunities affecting the profession, but also of the many internal and external pressures that are driving progress in their companies. We work continually to develop information assets and executive education opportunities to support corporate citizenship professionals on their journeys.

The graphic below depicts some of the ways in which we strive to aid our members in their important work.


Whether you are a new or experienced corporate citizenship professional, our online Center Member Orientation will help connect you to the knowledge products, industry research, and executive education opportunities that are available to you as part of your membership. Learn how you can access these services and how we can help you advance in the field of corporate citizenship in this complimentary and interactive webinar. Feel free to invite a colleague!

Led by Center staff, this session will also provide time to answer your questions about membership resources. Remember, membership is companywide; if your company is in our network, we welcome you to attend. 

Not a member? Learn more about how the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship can help you get the most from your programs by calling 617 552 4545 or emailing