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"I find the Media Monitor extremely valuable. It's one of the few emails from any organization that I try to read right away."

The Media Monitor delivers News You Can Use to your inbox weekly. This curated weekly news service for members of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship highlights items that offer perspective and analysis on issues that are shaping or are shaped by corporate citizenship practice.

Here are some examples of articles you might see in the Media Monitor:

what is the csrd - 1

How an EU law might get companies around the world to cut climate pollution Lawmakers for the group of 27 countries adopted rules for taxing imports based on the amount of carbon dioxide that companies emit making those goods. Experts say it's the first time a major economy has married climate and trade policy, and that it could lead other countries to do the same.

mexico employee time off

Millennials not connecting with their company's mission Only slightly more than a third of millennial workers strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their organization makes them feel their job is important. And just 40% of millennials feel strongly connected to their company's mission, according to a recent Gallup report.

electric vehicle requirements by 2030

US car makers’ EV plans hinge on made-in-America batteries Companies and the U.S. government are shelling out billions to establish a supply chain for batteries, a manufacturing effort that is critical to the auto industry’s long-range plans to put more electric vehicles on the road. Batteries are the most expensive component in an EV, accounting for about one-third of its cost.

pride bringing full self to work

Over 40% of Italy's LGBTQ workers say discrimination has hurt their careers Four out of 10 LGBTQ people in Italy believe discrimination has damaged them at work. Among those surveyed, 41.4% said that being gay or bisexual had been a disadvantage for their career, professional recognition or salary, especially among payroll workers in the private sector.

food and beverage industry - 1

Food prices fall on world markets but not on kitchen tables Around the world, food prices are persistently, painfully high. Puzzlingly, too. On global markets, the prices of grains, vegetable oil, dairy and other agricultural commodities have fallen steadily from record highs. But the relief hasn’t made it to the real world of shopkeepers, street vendors and families trying to make ends meet.

uk living wage

UK public sector workers battle for pay hikes that match inflation The United Kingdom’s worst industrial unrest since the 1980s rumbles on, with more strikes looming in the public sector. The U.K.’s 10.1% inflation rate — 19% in the case of food — is fueling the unrest, while the U.K. government is resisting the demands for large pay hikes, insisting that they will only add to the inflationary pressure.

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