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Issue Briefs

These resources exclusive to members of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship are compilations of the most frequently asked questions from our member community of sustainability professionals. Use these brief downloads of best practices and company examples on a variety of essential topics—from corporate giving to making the business case for CSR—to Know More, Do More, and Achieve More in corporate citizenship.

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Employee Resource Groups Employee resource groups (ERGs)—sometimes known as business network groups, affinity groups, or diversity groups—help to build a sense of community within a company and can serve as a resource for employees who share similar backgrounds or experiences.

Employee Engagement and Corporate Citizenship How to engage employees in your CSR activities, resulting in greater productivity, improved reputation, increased employee retention, and lower cost of recruiting.

Communicating CSR to Employees Clear internal communication is a foundational component of delivering on the business value of corporate citizenship.

Employee Relief Funds In times of crisis, employees may need additional financial support to help them overcome acute periods of hardship.

Making the Business Case for Corporate Citizenship This resource supports the well-documented empirical relationship between good corporate citizenship performance and positive financial performance.

Engaging Employees through Remote Volunteering Practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your remote employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community.


Community Involvement 2023 For more than 25 years The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has periodically updated its Community Involvement Study. This study explores shifting trends in employee volunteering, corporate giving, and other means of corporate community involvement.

Employee Volunteer Programs A strong EVP helps to increase organizational commitment, boost productivity, and retain workers — while contributing to the achievement of a firm’s social and environmental goals.

Sustainable Supply Chains There is a great benefit to thoroughly evaluating the intricacies of a supply chain to determine how it can enhance a company's corporate citizenship.

Disaster Preparedness, Relief, and Recovery To quickly and efficiently address traumatic events or natural disasters, partner internally and externally to make the best use of all available resources.

Stakeholder Engagement Learn to engage with both internal and external audiences, so that you can fully understand your company's ESG impacts and prioritize the most important issues.

Diversity & Inclusion Implement programs that not only achieve the business benefits that are associated with diverse employee populations, but also effect positive social change.

The Business Case for Environmental Sustainability Apply the capabilities of your business to preserving the natural capital and social infrastructure required for the environment, society, and the economy to thrive.

Corporate Foundations: Funding, Staffing, and Governance FAQs Best practices from our member community for executing corporate giving strategies and leveraging philanthropy to distribute charitable dollars to nonprofit organizations.

Cause Marketing and Corporate Citizenship Learn communications strategies that raise proceeds for nonprofit causes, connect brands to nonprofit organizations, improve reputation—and when successful—drive sales.

Comparing Corporate Giving Structures Learn best practices from leading companies in the giving and philanthropy space - from fundraising costs to strategic partnerships with nonprofits.

Trends in Workplace Giving The latest best practices for your giving programs, from running a corporate foundation, philanthropy, employee contributions and grants, to matching gifts.


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