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Issue Briefs

These resources exclusive to members of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship are compilations of the most frequently asked questions from our member community of sustainability professionals. Use these brief downloads of best practices and company examples on a variety of essential topics—from corporate giving to making the business case for CSR—to Know More, Do More, and Achieve More in corporate citizenship.

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The Business Case for Environmental Sustainability

ISSUE BRIEF - Corporate environmental sustainability applies the capabilities of business to preserving the natural capital and social infrastructure required for the environment, society, and the economy to thrive.


Cause Marketing and Corporate Citizenship

ISSUE BRIEF - Cause marketing campaigns raise proceeds for nonprofit causes, connect brands to nonprofit organizations, improve reputation—and when successful—drive sales. By understanding the relationship between such communications and corporate citizenship programs, CSR professionals can effectively generate both business and social value.


Corporate Foundations: Funding, Staffing, and Governance FAQs

ISSUE BRIEF - Companies use foundations to execute corporate giving strategies and expert CSR professionals leverage their philanthropy to distribute charitable dollars to nonprofit organizations around the world. Here are best practices from our member community for funding, staffing, and governance of fundraising and gifts.


Comparing Corporate Giving Structures

ISSUE BRIEF - Does your company need a foundation? Learn best practices from leading companies in the giving and philanthropy space - from fundraising costs to strategic partnerships with nonprofits.


How to Effectively Engage Employees

ISSUE BRIEF - By engaging employees in CSR work like community volunteering and corporate giving, your company can derive a variety of benefits, including: greater productivity, improved reputation, increased employee retention, and lower cost of recruiting.


Trends in Workplace Giving

ISSUE BRIEF - Whether it's through a corporate foundation, philanthropy, employee contributions and grants, or matching gifts, corporate giving should be a strategic part of your CSR strategy.


Making the Business Case for Corporate Citizenship

ISSUE BRIEF - The relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance has been well established through empirical research. In multiple empirical studies, investments in CSR prove to not only bring return on investment (ROI) and value to the bottom line—but also more meaningful social impact.


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