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General Sessions | 2021 Corporate Citizenship Conference



Monday, April 26, 2021, 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT 
Wells Fargo | Building Inclusion Into Business


Join our convening sponsor, Wells Fargo, as they welcome the CEOs of some of our most preeminent U.S. civil and human rights organizations to discuss how business leaders and managers can advance inclusion in business.  Joining the conversation will be Wade Henderson, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League; and John Yang, CEO of Asian Americans Advancing Justice.



Jimmie Walton Paschall Executive Vice President and Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Gigi Dixon Head of External Relations, Wells Fargo


Wade Henderson CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights


Marc Morial CEO, National Urban League


Janet Murguía President and CEO, UnidosUS


John Yang CEO, Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Monday, April 26, 2021, 2:30 ET / 11:30 PT
EY | Bridging the digital divide

Today, companies have a broadening opportunity to meaningfully fill gaps in addressing society’s challenges. As part of its anti-racism commitment, EY is using its unique capabilities to catalyze a solution to the digital divide: the gap between students who have access to the technology and resources to be successful in a digital world, and those who do not. The challenges of hardware, connectivity, and mentoring are further exacerbated by COVID-19 and have disproportionately impacted lower-income Black and Latinx students. In this session, participants will learn how EY built an initiative to bring its people, clients, and communities together to bridge the digital divide in more than 70 US cities. Discover how your organization can help solve a societal challenge by leveraging what you do best, fostering leadership buy-in, building strong public-private collaborations, and engaging your people to do more.



Erika Patterson Corporate Responsibility Leader, EY Americas


Carolina Dominguez Assistant Director, Corporate Responsibility, EY Americas


Kevin Brown Americas Lead, Digital Divide Initiative, EY Americas

Monday, April 26, 2021, 4pm ET / 1pm PT 
BBVA | Building flexible and resilient corporate citizenship initiatives

Planning for the unexpected is a business imperative. Join the BBVA USA team in a conversation about creating resiliency using design thinking and constant iteration. With its education technology partner, EVERFI, BBVA USA will highlight best practices in growing and adapting its largest corporate citizenship initiative, BBVA’s Center for Financial Education. In this session, participants can expect to hear a transparent and open dialog that will illustrate BBVA’s technology and continuity problem solving process, including planning for future challenges in program sustainability. Finally, this session will also reveal the finalists and winners of the 2021 International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.



J. Reymundo Ocañas Director of Communications and Responsible Business and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Officer, BBVA USA

Ronzani-Andrea (1)

Andrea Ronzani Director of Corporate Citizenship, BBVA USA


Tony Moraga Manager of Social Impact, BBVA USA


Tom Davidson Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EVERFI, Inc.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT
Pitney Bowes | Renewing Your CSR programs to Meet the Moment: Lessons From 101 Years of Living Our Values

The best corporate citizenship programs are driven by innovation, constantly evaluating and renewing strategies to stay ahead of the evolving field. As a company whose history spans more than a century, Pitney Bowes attributes much of its success to a capacity for self-renewal, a quality that has helped advance all aspects of its business—including its commitment to supporting its communities in meaningful and sustainable ways.

In this session, the company will share insights on its evolution and commitment to addressing the changing needs of its communities. Most recently, to meet the moment of this past year and its extraordinary challenges, Pitney Bowes, in partnership with its local community foundation and other leading corporate citizens, led the formation of a collaborative focused on education equity. Through a panel discussion, participants will learn insights on the collaborative’s strategy to support students in underserved school districts that have been further challenged by the pandemic.   



Bill Borrelle Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pitney Bowes


Kathleen Ryan Mufson Director of Global Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Pitney Bowes; President, Pitney Bowes Foundation


Denise Yap Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship, Synchrony


Janeene Freeman Director of Education & Youth Development, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 4pm ET / 1pm PT
Samsung | Empowering the Next Wave of Empathetic Innovators

Samsung has pioneered innovation for more than 50 years, defying the impossible through the advancement of meaningful technology for all. The company recognizes the integral role that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) plays in our current lives and how it will inevitably shape our future. Through its flagship Citizenship initiative, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow (SFT), Samsung is working to bridge gaps and foster inclusivity in STEM education. Entering its eleventh year, the national 6-12 public school program is fueling the imagination of young minds to develop innovative, empathetic solutions that address some of the most pressing issues in their local communities and society at large. Samsung Electronics America's Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship Ann Woo and SFT guests will share lessons learned on the program’s eleven-year journey, how the SFT experience was reimagined during COVID-19, and the ways in which the program is helping students in underserved and rural communities become seeds of change.


  • Ann Woo, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship, Samsung Electronics America
  • Charles Best, Founder and CEO, DonorsChoose
  • M. Letitia Hubbard, PhD, Instructor of Engineering and Mentorship, North Carolina School of Science and Math
  • Justin Reinmuth, STEM and Engineering Teacher, Gering High School



Ann Woo Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship, Samsung Electronics America


Charles Best Founder and CEO, DonorsChoose


M. Letitia Hubbard, PhD Instructor of Engineering and Mentorship, North Carolina School of Science and Math


Justin Reinmuth STEM and Engineering Teacher, Gering High School

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT
UPS | Philanthropy through a social justice lens

Many corporate citizenship professionals are navigating uncharted waters when incorporating justice and advocacy into their corporate giving initiatives. As corporations are pushed increasingly to take a stand, foundations must reconsider what it means to advance equity in the face of systemic injustice.

In this lively fireside chat, you will hear from three leaders working at the intersection of philanthropy and social justice, whose efforts are shaping justice-driven giving strategies for some of the largest organizations in the world. They will deconstruct commonly conflated terms as equity, equality, justice, and advocacy to understand the role of corporate foundations in reducing inequity; explore how corporate foundations can—and should—evolve giving to ensure investments in both equity and equality; discuss how to build, augment, and/or manage grantee portfolios with an eye to social justice; and examine ways to define and measure outcomes to validate social justice impact. 


  • Nicole Clifton, President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation
  • Valeria Lassiter, Founder and CEO, Lassiter & Associates


  • Janet M. Stovall, Senior Client Strategist, The NeuroLeadership Institute



Nicole Clifton President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation


Valeria Lassiter Founder and CEO, Lassiter & Associates


Janet M. Stovall Senior Client Strategist, The NeuroLeadership Institute

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT
Liberty Mutual | Keynote session feat. Dr. Jonathan Kaufman

Dr. Jonathan Kaufman is an innovative thought leader, business educator and strategist who recognizes the impact of personal development on organizational growth. As a storyteller, Dr. Kaufman shares his own journey dealing with the obstacles of everyday life and provides audiences with a true understanding of what it means to be in the act of "becoming" when finding greater success. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Jonathan Kaufman’s disability has been a profound part of his personal, academic and professional life. Whether hiking in the Ecuadorian highlands with his family, skiing down a mountain or repelling down the side of a cliff in the Middle East, to the simplicity of tying his own shoes one handed, he has pushed the idea that anything is possible if given the will.

Building on his past experience as a former policy advisor to the White House on diversity and disability, Dr. Kaufman has grown his work even further. Currently, he is a Forbes contributor, writing a regular column on the intersection of disability, business and leadership strategy. In addition, he is an innovative thinker and practitioner in the areas of diversity and inclusion, corporate health and wellness, and personal growth.

As an executive coach, licensed psychotherapist and strategist, Dr. Kaufman works with C-Level Executives, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, and non for profits through his company J Kaufman Consulting.



Dr. Jonathan Kaufman Motivator and Consultant


Melissa MacDonnell President, Liberty Mutual Foundation