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The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship provides research, executive education, and networking opportunities to create business and social value for companies.


Membership with the Center offers a wide range of valuable benefits that will enhance your corporate citizenship efforts and help you to make important contributions to your organization's business goals. To learn more, fill out this Membership Information Request Form.

Executive Leadership

Executive leadership is critical to the advancement of good corporate citizenship within and beyond the boundaries of a company. As corporate responsibility practices become more prominent across the business world, companies are finding a variety of ways to manage them within their corporate structure and business strategy. For executives this can involve leading a firm’s transition toward strategic integrated corporate social responsibility, or taking a specific component of a company’s corporate citizenship strategy to a new level.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship can help executives understand and strengthen their ability as a leader so they can engage and influence others to achieve improved organizational alignment, broader buy-in across the organization and, ultimately, increase long-term business and social value.

The Center’s Leadership Academy is an intensive six-month program in executive leadership for those with strategic responsibilities within the corporate citizenship spectrum – from diversity/inclusion to supply chain to community involvement to environment, health and safety. A week of on-campus instructor-led classes is combined with off-campus, facilitated peer-to-peer distance learning. A Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Leadership from the Boston College Carroll School of Management is awarded to all participants who complete the Academy program.

The course of study for the Academy is presented in five focus areas:

  • Setting the Context for Corporate Citizenship Excellence
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Organizational Change
  • Innovation
  • Communicating Effectively

Participants convene for a one-day Leaders' Summit to share the experiences, successes, and ongoing challenges of their leadership journey. The Leaders' Summit is held in conjunction with the Center's annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference.

Community Involvement Roundtable

The Community Involvement Roundtable is an ongoing Center forum to identify and understand critical social issues, review changing public policy, assess public expectations and prepare companies for a new and more effective community involvement. The Roundtable brings together experienced executives from companies that take a strong, active role in corporate social responsibility and corporate community involvement, in particular. The Roundtable convenes formally twice each year.

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Corporate Citizenship Learning Programs

We offer a range of executive education and professional development programs taught by Center educators, business leaders, corporate citizenship peers, and top faculty from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. These programs develop skills and deliver insights that help those charged with leading corporate citizenship efforts distinguish themselves and achieve success. View Course Schedule.

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