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Nonprofit Partnerships

Corporate citizenship professionals partner with nonprofits to tackle environmental, social, and governance issues more effectively than they could alone. To maximize their impact, nonprofit partnerships should be entered, managed, and sometimes exited in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

The Benefits of Peer Learning and Virtual Networking Those who are able to work remotely during COVID-19’s period of physical distancing may already be realizing the value of social and professional interactions with coworkers--even if only on computer screens.

Supporting food security during COVID-19 While COVID-19 continues to put pressure on our health care systems across the globe, we are all thankful that children seem to be spared from the worst symptoms of the virus. Many, however, aren’t immune from its subsequent effects—especially the threat of hunger.

Corporate Citizenship Responses to COVID-19 As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to disrupt society across the world, companies are stepping up to support responders, remove barriers to healthcare, and provide services and products to those who need them most.


Community Involvement Study

Conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this research project explores how companies are investing in corporate foundation giving and employee volunteering and how these community involvement efforts connect to overall business success.


Community Involvement Technology Vendor Report

This report is intended as a starting point for anyone selecting and managing technology solutions for employee giving, volunteering, and grant making programs.


Engaging Employees through Remote Volunteering

Practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your remote employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community.


Profound Partnerships

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | WINTER 2020: Mailchimp and Brown-Forman use innovative partnerships with nonprofit organizations to reach underserved populations and enhance their impact.

Presentation Slides: Alliance Data Case Study: Data for Good: Maximizing Impact through Data-Driven Nonprofit Partnerships

2019 International Corporate Citizenship Conference | This session presented dynamic data-driven tools that are sharpening the return-on-investment.


Select nonprofit partners carefully when developing cause-marketing campaigns to increase engagement

RESEARCH BRIEF - Consumers are more likely to purchase from companies who partner with organizations with missions that align closely with a company’s business purpose, rather than those who directly affect its operations or make use of its products.


Nonprofit Board Service: Getting your team ready to serve

WEBINAR: Does your company have a nonprofit board program? NPO boards are great ways to engage senior leaders and return value to your business. In this webinar, hear from State Street and Deloitte, who have set up a board training program for their senior leaders, matched them with boards, and enjoyed great success with their program.


Community characteristics and the effectiveness of nonprofits to reduce income inequality

To help nonprofits focused on economic wellbeing succeed, corporate funders must understand the context in which the nonprofit operates and competes for capital.