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Corporate Giving and Volunteering

Employees are the driving force of our organizations. These resources will help you support, engage, and retrain them now and in the future. 

BCCCC Member Meetups Our online member community offers a secure, supportive environment to connect and collaborate with hundreds of CSR peers.

Engaging employees through digital volunteering Here is some practical advice for how you can use the efforts you’ve undertaken already to keep your community of employees engaged with the company, with each other, and with your larger community. We are also including links to online volunteering resources that can enable your employees to volunteer virtually.

Trust-based philanthropy: What has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? Survey findings reveal smart best practices for grantmaking, in which corporate givers are relying on established processes and creating new ones to provide relief.


Community Involvement Study

Conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this research project explores how companies are investing in corporate foundation giving and employee volunteering and how these community involvement efforts connect to overall business success.


Community Involvement Technology Vendor Report

This report is intended as a starting point for anyone selecting and managing technology solutions for employee giving, volunteering, and grant making programs.


Virtual Volunteering: What's Next?

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share how their companies are planning for remote work and virtual volunteering moving forward and how they will keep employees involved—through team building exercises, family events, volunteer weeks, or other options.


Committing to community mental health wellness: Blue Shield California and the Blue Sky program

WEBINAR: Colleagues from Blue Shield California explore community and employee mental health wellness.


Corporate Action against Racial Inequality

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members joined to listen, learn, and share how companies are taking action to fight racial inequality and to promote social justice in support of employees and communities.


Responding to Crises: Agile Corporate Citizenship

WEBINAR: How companies have met the 2020 challenge and how these experiences will shape corporate citizenship strategy in the future.


Unpacking an ecosystem approach to corporate philanthropy

WEBINAR: Charles Schwab Foundation and social impact agency, Prosono, share a case study using a fresh approach to evolving strategic CSR practices.


Changing Your Grant Making Focus and Easing Grant Restrictions

MEMBER MEETUP RECAP: BCCCC members discussed how best to navigate conversations with grantees, whether or how to loosen or remove restrictions on active grants, and how to help partners accelerate their work.