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Agile Strategies

By aligning your corporate citizenship programs with your business strategy, you can create business and social value in all economic contexts. In fact, research finds that companies with strong CSR benefit from insurance-like protections during crisis situations.

The Corporate Citizen: Issue 33 ADAPTABILITY - Our recent challenges have provided ample opportunity to rethink how we want to rebuild our communities, our economies, and our world.

The importance of networks and influence for CSR professionals When collaborating with other departments, ask your colleague what success would look like for them—and pay close attention to the words they use in their response.

Corporate Citizenship and Culture How do you establish culture in a time of physical distancing? A framework for aligning the right people around the right structures, incentives, and processes.


State of Corporate Citizenship

The State of Corporate Citizenship is a research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that examines how executives view corporate citizenship and their firms' performance in the environmental, social, and governance dimensions of business.


Committing to community mental health wellness: Blue Shield California and the Blue Sky program

WEBINAR: Colleagues from Blue Shield California explore community and employee mental health wellness.


Responding to Crises: Agile Corporate Citizenship

WEBINAR: How companies have met the 2020 challenge and how these experiences will shape corporate citizenship strategy in the future.


EY Ripples: Setting Corporate Responsibility in Motion, Globally

WEBINAR: This session will cover the step-by-step approach to launching a firmwide CR effort, from getting leadership buy-in, to assessing and anticipating strategic challenges.

Target SAFE Retail

Target SAFE Retail Kit: Considerations for Retail Operations Post COVID-19

Target offers its learnings as a resource for others that may be thinking about how to operate retail locations differently for some time into the future.


Corporate Citizenship: The Bigger Picture

WEBINAR: Join senior executives in a discussion about the questions we should be asking ourselves now in order to make the greatest possible impact with our corporate citizenship commitments.


In times of economic instability, strong corporate citizenship helps mitigate risk and positively impacts stock performance

RESEARCH BRIEF - Stronger corporate social performance helps reduce risk and is linked to more positive stock performance during times of crisis.


Latest Research Findings: The State of Corporate Citizenship 2020

WEBINAR: Join us to hear about how corporate citizenship efforts contribute to business objectives including increasing market share, engaging employees, and enhancing reputation.