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Magazine Article Listing: The Value of Corporate Citizenship


Research reinforces corporate citizenship value

In a business world focused on the current quarter and short-term results, it is helpful to have concrete research that corroborates the assertion that corporate citizenship has bottom-line value for the company.

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Building corporate citizenship connection creates lasting value

A properly managed balance sheet generates long-term, lasting value, and makes it possible to bride the gap between sometimes conflicting goals of business profit and commitment to CSR.

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Lessons in Storytelling

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Spring 2017: The 2017 Corporate Citizenship Film Festival awards celebrated the inspiring stories and the impressive methods by which they were told.

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Create Value with a Strong Brand and Reputation

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2017: Tremendous value can be found in integrating corporate citizenship into business strategy. With this in mind, four leaders explore the importance of a company’s brand and reputation--powerful assets with the potential to influence consumer perception, loyalty, and purchase intent.

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Cause Marketing and Corporate Citizenship

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2018: Cause marketing campaigns raise proceeds for nonprofit causes, connect brands to nonprofit organizations, generate consumer goodwill and—when successful—drive sales.

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Making Messages that Resonate

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | During the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, 600 corporate citizenship professionals celebrated the conclusion of the 10th annual Corporate Citizenship Film Festival, which showcases the important work companies are doing to create a more sustainable future. Winners of this year’s Film Festival: Bella Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ally Financial, and Mary Kay.

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Innovating for Economic Mobility

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | Ally Financial is recognized as a leading digital financial services company with a reputation for delivering innovative approaches to online banking. It supports these services with more than 8,000 dedicated employees and formal corporate citizenship initiatives designed to ensure the financial health of its customers and communities.

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Brands Stand Out with Social Impact

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | SPRING 2020: Major League Baseball and Umpqua Bank demonstrate best practices in attracting new customers through strategic corporate citizenship initiatives.

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Issue 35-Cover

The Corporate Citizen: Issue 35

INCLUSION = INNOVATION - Companies are realizing that diversity and inclusion leads to new solutions in a rapidly-evolving world.

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