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Magazine Article Listing: Corporate Community Involvement


Taking the Long View Keeps You Covered

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | Successful corporate citizenship is a long-term game, but sometimes maintaining focus and purpose in a dynamic climate poses challenges. Marlene Ibsen, chief executive officer and president of the Travelers Foundation and vice president of community relations for The Travelers Companies, Inc.—explores how companies can navigate strategic opportunities and challenges to advance corporate citizenship.

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Building a Better Working World

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2018: In this article, EY employees discuss how their involvement in corporate responsibility and volunteering helps strengthen their communities while also strengthening their careers and engagement with the firm.

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Shared Success

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: Here we look at how two companies have built enduring working relationships within local communities, benefiting companies and communities alike.

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Veterans Welcome

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: In addition to recruitment, training, and retention initiatives, these companies have found success in taking on projects and partnerships that support veterans’ health, well-being, and access to critical resources.

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Expertise Inspires Students

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Two prominent companies share how they have invested in the future workforce through education-focused programs and initiatives.

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Small Businesses Get a Lift

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Learn how two top companies have supported small businesses to offer entrepreneurs the resources they need to flourish.

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Diverse Perspectives Maximize Impact

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: A deep dive into how two companies that value their diverse workforces create and sustain impactful community involvement programs.

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Bridging the Skills Gap

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | SPRING 2019: A look at how two top technology companies are proactively addressing the need for better trained workers in STEM fields.

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Trends in Community Involvement

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | SPRING 2019: A look into the findings from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s forthcoming Community Involvement Study 2019.

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Finding Meaning Through Skills-Based Volunteering

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | FALL 2019: How Tauck and 3M have built volunteer initiatives that allow employees to leverage their unique skillsets and make a meaningful impact.

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Profound Partnerships

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | WINTER 2020: Mailchimp and Brown-Forman use innovative partnerships with nonprofit organizations to reach underserved populations and enhance their impact.

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Breaking the Disaster Cycle: Relief and Resilience

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | WINTER 2020: We examine three companies—CITGO, Banco Popular, and Travelers—whose disaster relief programs have grown to incorporate both real-time solutions and long-term focus.

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