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Delivered quarterly, The Corporate Citizen is the largest circulation magazine focused on corporate citizenship—offering industry practitioners an in-depth look into the programs and trends that are shaping the future of the field.

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Corporate Citizenship

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The Corporate Citizen: Issue 27

PEOPLE + PURPOSE = PROGRESS: Learn how the pioneering attitude of corporate citizenship drives innovation—especially when professionals work together in unlikely partnerships, united by purpose.


Working Across Brands and Businesses

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: “Collabotition”—the practice of collaboration with competitors—provides positive examples of how to make progress on common corporate citizenship challenges.


The Corporate Citizen: Issue 26

ACCELERATE SUCCESS TOGETHER: Learn how companies are joining forces—with nonprofit partners, within their companies, and even with other firms—to achieve sustainable change.


Executive Education 2018-2019 Course Catalog

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2018: All courses are taught by CSR experts in community involvement, employee engagement, corporate giving, and more—informed by over 30 years of constantly updated research, trends, and insights. Here's a closer look at the certificate programs and upcoming educational offerings.

Engaging Employees

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The Power of All of the People

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2017: Diversity and inclusion efforts have come to the forefront of corporate citizenship as companies not only seek to achieve the business benefits but also work to effect positive social change to ensure the future growth of both the national and global economy.


Narrow Focus, Major Results

By Focusing their corporate citizenship efforts on the issues closely related to their employees' unique qualities and skills, two companies are driving progress.


Building Strength from Differences

A look at the ways two companies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion for future success.


Education Now for Success Later

To ensure future skilled workers, companies, are engaging students with STEM subjects today.

Community Involvement

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Expertise Inspires Students

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Two prominent companies share how they have invested in the future workforce through education-focused programs and initiatives.


Small Businesses Get a Lift

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Learn how two top companies have supported small businesses to offer entrepreneurs the resources they need to flourish.


Diverse Perspectives Maximize Impact

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: A deep dive into how two companies that value their diverse workforces create and sustain impactful community involvement programs.


Shared Success

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: Here we look at how two companies have built enduring working relationships within local communities, benefiting companies and communities alike.

Sustainablity Reporting

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Demystifying Corporate Citizenship Rankings and Indices

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2018: Evaluating a company's strengths, weaknesses, goals, and peers helps to determine which CSR and sustainability rankings should be prioritized.


The Reporting Landscape

Corporate citizenship leaders offer advice on how to navigate complexities of sustainability reporting.


Reporting on Meaningful Change

A closer look at the Sustainability and Reporting 2025 study commissioned by the BCCCC and GRI and the importance of sustainability reporting.


From a Moment to a Movement

Sustainability leaders from the public and private sector discuss how effective reporting will help meet global sustainability targets.

Responsible Corporate Leadership

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Strategy and Purpose Aligned

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Insight into how one leading company aligns its corporate citizenship activities with its business strategy.


From the Corner Office

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: Executive voices on the importance of corporate citizenship.


From the Corner Office

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: A closer look at executive perspectives on corporate citizenship, featuring AvalonBay, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), and Cigna Corporation.


Career Path

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: Five corporate citizenship professionals share lessons they have learned as well as the many benefits continuous learning has brought to their careers and their work.

Environmental Sustainability

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Creating a More Sustainable Operation

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2019: An excerpt from "The Executive’s Guide to 21st Century Corporate Citizenship” that offers tactics for measuring and developing environmental sustainability efforts throughout the value chain.


Future-Minded Goals

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Fall 2018: How Danone North America has created highly impactful sustainability programs that are helping the company identify and manage opportunities and risk and, in turn, improve its triple bottom line.


Growing Sustainable Workforces

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2018: Effective leaders recognize how to integrate environmental stewardship into many aspects of their business practices.


Sustainability Enterprisewide

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | Companies are most effective in achieving sustainability goals when they align their environmental efforts with their business strategy and incorporate them into all aspects of their operations. Read about how State Street and Clif Bar are engaging their employees, analyzing their operations, and partnering with their stakeholders to create a healthier, more vibrant future.

Impact Measurement

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The Corporate Citizen: Issue 24

SCAN, ANALYZE, EXPERIMENT, EVOLVE: Hear from companies who have scanned their horizons, analyzed their circumstances, experimented with their programs, and evolved into corporate citizenship leaders.


The Corporate Citizen: Issue 22

GOALS BEYOND "BETTER": As corporate citizenship professionals, when we're designing our vision for a more sustainable future—and developing the programs to achieve it—we need to move beyond "better," and really start to describe specific ESG goals that will deliver tangible, measurable progress toward that vision.


The Corporate Citizen, Issue 15

Read how corporate citizenship programs not only advance communities and protect the environment, but deliver benefits to business as well.


Measuring for Progress

Two companies illustrate how they are using measurement to identify areas of improvement and ensure future growth.

The Value of Corporate Citizenship

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Making Messages that Resonate

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | During the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, 600 corporate citizenship professionals celebrated the conclusion of the 10th annual Corporate Citizenship Film Festival, which showcases the important work companies are doing to create a more sustainable future. Winners of this year’s Film Festival: Bella Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ally Financial, and Mary Kay.


Innovating for Economic Mobility

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN: Spring 2018 | Ally Financial is recognized as a leading digital financial services company with a reputation for delivering innovative approaches to online banking. It supports these services with more than 8,000 dedicated employees and formal corporate citizenship initiatives designed to ensure the financial health of its customers and communities.


Cause Marketing and Corporate Citizenship

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2018: Cause marketing campaigns raise proceeds for nonprofit causes, connect brands to nonprofit organizations, generate consumer goodwill and—when successful—drive sales.


Create Value with a Strong Brand and Reputation

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Summer 2017: Tremendous value can be found in integrating corporate citizenship into business strategy. With this in mind, four leaders explore the importance of a company’s brand and reputation--powerful assets with the potential to influence consumer perception, loyalty, and purchase intent.

Supply Chain Management

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From Start to Finish

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | Winter 2018: A significant amount of ESG impact occurs within supply chains, whether it is greenhouse gas emissions, vendor performance, labor conditions within a supplier’s factory, or the sourcing of materials.


Corporate Citizenship Through the Value Chain

Two leading companies share how they work with partners throughout their value chain to better the environment and society.


Integrating Corporate Citizenship Across the Value Chain

A closer look at how two companies are enforcing their corporate citizenship standards throughout their value chains.


Responsibility Along the Supply Chain

Global supply chains mean companies are facing the need to uphold labor and environmental standards in factories not owned by them, across international boundaries.

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